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Rams 10, Cardinals 3 - Thursday Night Football, 2nd Half Game Thread

St. Louis leads Arizona by a touchdown at the half, though injuries to WR Danny Amendola and S Quintin Mikell leave the Rams without two key players. How will they respond in the last half of their only prime time game of the year?

Scott Kane-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Well, it was an interesting half. Punctuated by the early touchdown drive and some, let's say, frustrating calls at the end, the Rams find themselves up a touchdown at halftime, leading 10-3.

The big question revolves around the shoulder of one Danny Amendola. Given how long it's taken to report on, I expect the medical staff is diagnosing and treating the injury to see if it's something he can play through this half.

Meanwhile, Kevin Kolb is starting to feel the pressure. On all fronts.

Janoris Jenkins has blanketed Larry Fitzgerald, save for a red zone opportunity on which Kolb was unable to look Fitz's way. Despite the inability to pick off any of those pass deflections, his presence is likely being discussed right now in the Cardinals' dressing room. More encouraging was that as Arizona tried to deepen their passing game near the end of the half, the defensive line, along with occasional blitzing help, punished Kolb again and again.

Just a note to those pass rushers: please accurately assess the trajectory of Kolb's head as he gets hit from other Ram defenders. Then position your head with a level of momentum and on a trajectory of its own that does not hit Kolb's helmet. Do that within 0.04 seconds. Thank you. Roger "Augustus Caesar" Goodell.

It is what it is.

A seven point game likely without Amendola and Mikell at home on national television.

Let's go.