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Random Ramsdom 10.04.2012: Cardinals at Rams, MLB Playoffs, and Ballsy Beer

Good Thursday morning, Rams fans! I hope, as always, that it finds you well. By now, you’ve had the opportunity to wipe the sleep from your eye, get a quick stretch in, and maybe even grab a cup of Joe. I am certain, however, that the St. Louis Rams have already crossed your mind. And that’s only if you weren’t counting Rams in order to lull yourself to sleep. Well, wake up! Game day’s come early this week. There’s certainly a lot to speculate about heading into this evening’s game. How much action will Steven Jackson see? Can the Rams offensive line limit the success of a very good Cardinals D? Will Greg Zuerlein ever miss a field goal? Will the Cardinals still be undefeated heading into Week 6? You’ll find plenty of information below. We’ll find answers tonight.

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Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire


In Rams News…

CBS Previews the Game: I was unaware until I clicked this link, but the Arizona Cardinals have owned the Rams over the past eleven meetings, winning ten. That statistic, along with the fact that the Cardinals enter the Edward Jones Dome with an unblemished record, are probably just a couple of reasons why experts are giving the Cardinals the edge. I think I heard that same kind of mumbo jumbo last week. The Rams will let their playing do the talking.

Want a slew of other predictions for TNF? Of course you do… analyst Bucky Brooks has the Cardinals winning 28-20. Aidan Reynolds over at Bleacher Report likes the the Rams rookie kicker, Rams win by three. The Kansas City Star thinks the Rams lose their first home game of the season, 24-17. Rant Sports thinks that the Rams hand the Cards their first loss of the season, 20-17. The Palm Beach Post - whoever they are - see the Cardinals remaining atop the NFC West, with a 20-14 victory. Sports World Report didn't even make me click a link…the title included ‘…Defeat St. Louis,’ and the Rams don’t find the end zone once. Lastly, ending on a good note, Gaming Today sees the Rams earning a little bit more respect on Thursday night, with a 21-17 win.

Oh You Know! Yahoo Previews the Game

Week 5back to top "
Arizona at St. Louis 8:20 PM NFL Hope ya got one! Edward Jones Dome

Might the Rams Have To Face John Skelton?

When I saw this article, I thought to myself "Is this still an uncertainty?" In the NFL, a QB ‘controversy’ cannot be a good thing. And though I’m not stating that that’s what the Cards have on their hands… it kind of seems like they’re as unsure as I am. When they opened their checkbook (that’s right, scroll waaaaaaaaaaaaay down for Skelton), I probably would’ve placed my bet based on the number of zero’s.

A New Walter Mock Has The Rams Drafting A Little Lower Than Normal

Step aside Matt Barkley. Last weekend’s 600+ yard, 8 TD performance makes you the second most desirable QB in the 2012 NFL Draft. But I digress…The Rams, in most of these Walter Mocks, have taken WR/OL or OL/WR in the first. That won’t change in this updated mock, but the WR selection may surprise you. Rams pick 11 and 16 (Skins pick). Thoughts on draft order? Thoughts on selections?

You Want To Question A Guy With A Bazooka….Leg?

No need to be Decepti-conned. He’s legit. He’s…LEGATRON! My terrible, downright awful, possibly punch-able photoshop skills aside, the Rams have found themselves a perfect (no need for strike-through) kicker to replace Josh Brown…and on the cheap.

A perfect 12 for 12, he breaks his own records, and was an awesome toy to play with growing up. The kid -and fan - in me both appreciate what he’s done so far in his shiny new NFL career.

You’re the man, Greg! Clutch…popular….robot. Play on, playa'!

PFW’s Key Matchup For Thursday Night’s Game

In this very young season, the results of particular positions for the St. Louis Rams have been surprising, inconsistent, and stellar. Sometimes, you scratch your head in sheer confusion, and others you utilize your hand to assist your jaw in getting back to it’s home location. If I, personally, had to take a guess at the key match-up for the Rams against the Cardinals game, it would certainly involve our O-Line, which has provided roller-coaster results. That’s not how PFW sees it...

In Sporting News…

Not Interested In the Rams Game? 1st, GET OFF THIS PAGE, and/or 2nd…enjoy one of these
Thursday, October 4
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8:00 PM East Carolina at UCF CBS Sports Network Tickets
9:00 PM No. 13 USC at Utah Tickets

Washington Nationals Clinch NL East Crown

For the first time since their exodus from Montreal, the Washington Nationals claimed their NL East title on Wednesday with a 5-1 win over the Phillies. As a team that finished 2011 with a losing record, not many - experts or otherwise - picked the Nats to win the division, let alone make the playoffs. The Nats will await the winner of Friday’s wild-card game between Atlanta and St. Louis…both teams that owned Washington in September.

In case you’ve never seen it, the Nats have a ‘President’s Race’ mid-fourth each game. Teddy Roosevelt has not won the race…ever. That all changed on Wednesday. Coincidence?

Twins Bazzle! One NCAAB Team Is About To Be Very Happy

Andrew and Aaron Harrison will make a decision on Thursday - on ESPNU at 5PM EST - that will drastically change the National Championship hopes for one college basketball team. Both standing at 6’5", it looks like the twins will be choosing between Kentucky and Maryland. One team wins two of the best guards in the entire country, while the other…well, misses out. Likely a couple of one-and-doners, these two are going to make either squad immediate contenders. I’m hoping they reach for the blue hats….

This Weekend… Golf Is Bringing Sexy Back

The Happy Gilmore-like Ryder Cup wasn’t enough golf for you last weekend? Ok. Tune in to the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open. Rolls right off the tongue, no? Unfortunately, in this tourney, you’ll be pressed to find loud cheers or booing, and it’ll be even more difficult to find many recognizable names. Sorry…why don’t you Cry Me a River? Click the link for expert picks, tee times, and more. That’s all for now. Bye, bye, bye!

Plain Ol Random…

Some Seriously Hot Manatee on Manatee Action

…well, not really, but it’s what I thought when I first the saw the picture for this article. The penalty for not reading Florida’s Manatee Sanctuary Act (who hasn’t read that?) is 60 days in jail or a $500 fine. You could also be chopped up by the propeller of a boat if you’re not careful. Either way, it seems to be an expensive way to ride a 3500 lb. vegetarian. Cue: Knoxfan

I Love Beer…But Do I Love It This Much?

This is the ballsiest beer ever! Stout taste, with a ‘nutty’ undertone. What was once a mere April Fools Day prank is now being bottled regularly. Would you let this beer teabag you?

This Day In Sports History…

1922 - For 1st time, entire World Series broadcast over radio
1924 - NY Giants become 1st team to appear in 4 consecutive World Series
1944 - 1st All St Louis World Series, all games played at Sportsman's Park [St. Louis Browns win in their only appearance]
1959 - 1st World Series game played west of St Louis (in LA)
1961 - Whitey Ford's 3rd straight World Series shutout
1967 - 1st World Series since 1948 not to feature Yanks, Giants or Dodgers
1987 - 1st "Scrub Sunday" of NFL football with replacement players
1991 - NHL NY Rangers trade Bernie Nichols to Edmonton for Mark Messier
1991 - San Jose Sharks lose 4-3 to Vancouver Canucks in their 1st NHL game

Happy Birthday To…

1934 - Sam Huff, NFL linebacker (NY Giants, Washington Redskins)
1963 - A C Green, NBA forward (Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks)
1978 - Kyle Lohse, American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals)
1983 - Kurt Suzuki, American baseball player (Washington Nationals)
1988 - Derrick Rose, American basketball player (Chicago Bulls)

Go Rams! Here’s to a winning record come tomorrow morning! Drink Up!