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''The Steven Jackson rumors are rumors,'' - Jeff Fisher

''The Steven Jackson rumors are rumors,'' Fisher said. ''He's our running back and we're not calling around, nor are we getting calls for that matter. ''Put that to rest.'' - Associated Press ...Well that should put the matter to rest, right? Naw! It's a bye week, so what else is there to do other than speculate for Rams fans?

Jamie McDonald

Jeff Fisher finally put the trade rumors for Steven Jackson away for good. The Rams star running back will be in St. Louis the rest of the 2012 season, and we'll have to wait and see what happens in the off-season as to whether Jackson will hit the free agent market.

The fan base for the Rams has to be happy their franchise rushing yardage record holder won't be tossed away for a late round draft pick. While some have taken the high road, and hoped Jackson would at least get a chance to be on a team head to a championship, the loss to a very young Rams team would have been hard to replace. Number 39 is without a doubt the team's leader on offense.

Fisher also announced undrafted free agent Matt Daniels was placed on IR this week after he suffered a knee injury in the New England Patriots game in London. He also spoke about the need for his team to create turnovers, and that they'd be working on this aspect of the game during the bye week.