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Random Ramsdom - 10/31 - SJax is not available, Bradford bullied by Pats, and Chris Kluwe being silenced?

Random Ramsdom - 10/31 - SJax is not available, Bradford bullied by Pats, and Chris Kluwe being silenced?

Jamie McDonald

Happy Halloween, folks! This is the day we all dress up as slutty ghosts, slutty ghouls, and slutty goblins and go out, get hammered, and hope we make some bad decisions (unless you are newly married. Then you watch some television and fall asleep in front of the couch *sigh*).

Everyone should go out and have a great time tonight. And remember, friends don't let friends go into the bank while still wearing their Halloween mask!

Alright, on to the links for this week...

Rams News

Steven Jackson is not available - So says Jeff Fisher. Although coaches are well known for lying in these situations, it's rare that they are so unequivocal about it. "He's our running back and we're not calling around, nor are we getting calls for that matter. Put that to rest.'' That pretty much says all you need to know about these rumors...

Fisher was unhappy with the protection for Bradford on Sunday - This time, though, it wasn't the oline letting Sam down, but the refs. In his news conference, Fish cited three specific instances when the refs missed roughing the passer calls on Bradford. In the refs defense, if they are anything like me, they stopped watching by the end of the first half.

Rams midseason report card - Like most people who actually watch the team, this author sees that the Rams defense has come a long way (last week not withstanding). If they can get some more protection and weapons with their glut of picks over the next few years, the Rams could be very dangerous as early as next year.

Other NFL News

Mike Thomas has been traded to the Lions - Thomas is no Bowe, but he has a lot of talent, and has played well when he has a real NFL quarterback throwing to him. As long as they didn't give up more than a fifth, I like this pickup for the Lions. Takes a bit of pressure off of rookie Ryan Broyles, and gives Matthew Stafford another weapon to help a struggling Lions offense.

Great article about the overreaction culture of the NFL - Please read this and remember it. The Rams are likely to lose their third consecutive game next Sunday, and it's not likely to be close. Can we PLEASE not start calling for the heads of Fisher, Snead, Kroenke, RVB, Bradford, or President Obama? Losing three in a row to three really good teams means about as little as beating three bad teams earlier in the season to go over .500 for the first time in a Brazilian years. The NFL is a marathon, and the Rams are in it for the distance...

Is Chris Kluwe being punished for his outspokenness? - The Vikings author doesn't seem to think so, but it does make you wonder. Here's hoping that political stances won't cost a smart guy, who also happens to be very good at his job, his career in Minnesota...

That's it for Halloween Ramsdom! Thanks for the read and have a Ramtastic day!