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Steven Jackson trade rumors: '55 percent' chance Rams RB gets dealt

The Rams could be dealing Steven Jackson.

Jamie McDonald

The odds of the St. Louis Rams trading Steven Jackson are high, but those odds leave plenty of room for the veteran running back to stick around with the Rams too. Peter King of Sports Illustrated puts the odds at 55 percent of a deal happening before Thursday's trade deadline.

But I'd put the chances at 55 percent that Jackson, the 29-year-old running back with a couple of good years left in the tank, will be traded, based on the opinion of one AFC personnel man this morning. "Even though he's due a lot of money,'' the source said, "he's got real value for a contender because he can still play, and there're a few teams out there that really need a running back."

Let's be honest: The Rams are not contenders this season. It's a more competitive Rams team than in the past, but not one that's going to challenge for a wild card spot. Dealing Jackson could bring draft picks to add talent.

One issue is his salary. He's due $3.7 million this season and $7 million next year, but that's a voidable year. King mentions a few contenders.

I don't think GM Ted Thompson would want to take on that salary in Green Bay. Jerry Jones should in Dallas; his backs can't stay healthy, and Tony Romo needs the offensive help. Arizona had nine carries for seven yards Monday night, and its top two backs are both on IR, though Beanie Wells has the designation that he can return.

He goes on to say that a trade with the Cardinals is not out of the picture. The Rams are looking for a third or fourth-round pick. A fourth would be the most realistic for a 29-year old running back.

If the Rams can get a fourth-round pick, they should pull the trigger.