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Charting the Rams' Week 8 loss to the Patriots

The St. Louis Rams were ripped apart by the Patriots last week, losing a fifth game by a final score of 45-7. TST has leaned the specifics of what happened in London.

The St. Louis Rams are a mystery wrapped in a riddle baked into a toasted ravioli and covered with Provel. Last week's loss to the Patriots in London, by a narrow margin of 45-7, left fans wondering what happened to the team that jumped out to the franchise's first .500 record since 2006.

Turf Show Times has come into the possession of some team charts, leaked to us from inside the building at Rams Park, that will help explain these things.

First, a look at what went wrong in London.


The defense was sliced and diced by Tom Brady with surgical precision. That really left folks wondering considering how strong the Rams secondary had been through the first part of the season, the first four games or so. Take a look at the defensive strategy for last week's game:


Take heart, weary fans. The Rams, despite a three-game skid with the leftover parts from the Devaney era and assorted other walk-ons filling out the starting lineup, the team has a very clear plan for the future. To wit: