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2013 NFL Draft: Rams have a pair of top 10 picks

The St. Louis Rams are sitting on two very valuable pieces of real estate in the 2013 NFL Draft.


The St. Louis Rams have two picks in the top 10 spots of the 2013 NFL Draft. Based on where things stand this week in the NFL, Les Snead would have the sixth and seventh picks to work with in the first round. The sixth pick comes courtesy of the Washington Redskins, who dealt this year and next year's first rounders to move up to the second spot in 2012 for RGIII.

SB Nation's NFL draft hub has a complete run down on the order of things, including the strength of schedule that's sorting out so many of the spots right now.

Obviously that can and will change between now and the end of the season. Looking at the results so far and the season ahead for both the Rams and the Redskins, it's quite conceivable that St. Louis will have two top 10 picks to work with April.

That's not a bad thing. Picking two players there would go a long way toward adding some much-needed talent to the roster. Of course, either one of those picks could be flipped into more picks, not to mention a spot further down the draft order. With so many teams seeking quarterback help in the draft and a budget friendly rookie salary scale, those picks are likely to be coveted by other general managers.

As for what positions and players the Rams should be thinking about, that's another post entirely. Here's a mock draft from a couple weeks back to stir your imagination.