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Random Ramsdom 10/30: Bye Week Blurbs

After an up and down start that lead to the Rams 3-5 record, the team looks to get healthy and regroup for a second half run.

Scott Heavey

The bye week offers the Rams a valuable chance to recover; to get healthy mentally and physically. The Rams also enter the bye week with a lot of unanswered questions. For instance, what has happened to the defensive secondary? After looking dominant early in the season, the back half of the defense has been shredded two weeks in a row. Is the defensive play calling part of the problem? The defensive game-planning has been questionable for the past few weeks. Brockers guarding Gronkowski? Really?....Unfortunately, after the bye week the Rams are set to meet the best team in the NFC West - the San Francisco 49ers.

Nonetheless, let's not throw in the towel just yet. It's a long season and the Rams have more talent on the roster this year than last. Here are some links to feed our NFL addiction...

In Ram Related News...

Rams gained some valuable bonding time - Although the result wasn't what the Rams were looking for, the team was offered some valuable time together as a team. The chemistry on this team is still developing. It's possible that some people may have forgotten this team has 32 new players on the roster? That is 32 out of 53. Having the opportunity to mesh could be very beneficial for a young team going through growing pains.

The defense shouldn't take all of the blame - The offense has been less than spectacular, to put it lightly. The Rams have excuses as to why the offense has been so anemic; the line has been decimated by injuries, and the wide receiving corps lost it's most consistent member. The fact remains that the offense is currently ranked 31 out of 32 teams in the NFL. Excuses can only take you so far. Bernie gets into some of the numbers behind the Rams offensive woes.

Tom Brady is very good - Many of us mentioned, on one platform or another, that it was strange to see such a following for the Patriots in New England. Jim Reineking of was surprised as well. In Sunday's game Tom Brady threw for... Actually, I'm done rubbing salt in our wounds.

Rams Team Update - David Heeb of The Bleacher Report offers a position by position breakdown of the performance and outlook of each unit on the Rams. This year's Rams team can be summed up in one word, potential. Potential is a scary thing. Potential can be wasted and never materialize, but it can also provide a team, coaching staff, and fan base with a burning sense of hope. Do you agree with Heeb's prognosis?

RG3 Watch - Keeping tabs on what is going on with RG3 will be something Rams fans do for the foreseeable future. The Redskins dialed up a play on Sunday that sent RG3 on a pass catching route. The result of the play was somewhat humorous. Hopefully we see more play calling from the Redskins that features this line of thinking.

In Other News...

Waiver Wire Advice - Are you a fantasy football junkie? The Bleacher Report offers advice on who to claim off of your leagues waivers for week 8. Here is a hint: two Rams make the list. What are your thoughts?

Beer Talk - Do you enjoy tasting new kinds of beer? If you frequent St. Louis you are in luck. Missouri brought home some medals from Denver's Great American Beer Festival. *For those of legal drinking age*

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