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Jeff Fisher, Sam Bradford & Tony Romo: Today in needless talking points

Hey, someone on ESPN said something stupid about the St. Louis Rams and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. In other words, it was just another day at the WWL.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

This is really going to shock you, but Skip Bayless said something stupid. Upping the idiot factor by a multiplier of 10, he said it alongside Stephen A. Smith. That combination has been scientifically proven to kill more brain cells than the combination of four Xanax and a fifth of Vodka in the plastic bottle. I hope your children weren't around the television when this meeting of the minds took place.

And what did they say? I'll let our own VT sum it up.

Bayless has no basis for that, obviously. He's just throwing out shit to fill air time. Television and talk radio are a vacuous wasteland, populated by the occasional oasis of sanity.

Jeff Fisher might well trade his mustache for some offensive linemen, but he's been pretty clear on his feelings about Sam Bradford.

I can't believe this kind of debate is going on out there. Then again, I can't believe Skip Bayless has a job, a good job.