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Random Ramsdom - 10/3 - 'Yesterday was Wednesday, today's Thursday, but it's a Wednesday practice'

If we start talking Tebow every day, I'm going to flip out and start killing people. I want you all to hear it from me first so you know who started it.

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

Before we get to the links for today's Random Ramsdom, I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and emails on my recent nuptials. Everything went great, and I had a great time staying on the beach in California for a few days to decompress after the craziness that was a Vegas wedding.

Alright, enough of that nonsense, let's talk football!

Rams News

Rams Accelerated Schedule For This Week's Primetime Game - "As I told them, yesterday was Wednesday, today's Thursday, but it's a Wednesday practice. Tomorrow's Friday, but it's a Tuesday." That's a quote from Rams coach Jeff Fisher about having to get ready in a hurry this week. As RVB showed yesterday, Jeff Fisher is willing to do anything to win, including time travel. Good article about what the team has to do to be ready so fast, the crazy Fisher quote aside.

You Know You've Made It When You Get a Full Page Article in the Salt Lake Tribune - The Leg, Legatron, Young can't possibly have enough nicknames for the best rookie kicker since Seabass. Now he's getting articles written about him from columnists in cities that don't even have a team. After Zeurlein hit a 58 and 60 yarder on Sunday, the Rams punted when they had the ball at roughly the Seattle 48 yard line. I texted a friend immediately and said "is it wrong that I'm upset that they aren't giving him a chance at a 65 yarder?". He said something like "Do you want his leg to fall off?".

Fun, lighthearted thread going on over at revengeofthebirds, brought to you by Douglas M - Cardinals fans are far more friendly than I would have anticipated. Plus, the photoshops alone are worth giving the thread a visit. Check it out, and defend the Rams honor! Just remember, we are guests there and you represent all of us.

Other NFL News

Darrius Heyward-Bey is back to practice already - So good to see after the brutal, unflagged hit he took on September 23rd. At the time it happened, I would have bet virtually anything that his season was over. Really good to see him returning already. Here's hoping it's not too soon.

Evidently the Jets may be this year's 2011 Rams - First Revis went out, then their QB totally fell apart, now their best receiver's season appears to be over. Santonio Holmes foot injury appears to be much more serious than originally though. This is not good for a struggling Mark Sanchez. Ironic that the Jets may be last years Rams, since this years Rams are last years Jets.

Is defense back? - Defense is certainly doing better this season than in the last couple seasons, but I would argue that is because of the replacement refs. Players were afraid to go over the middle, quarterbacks were getting hammered, and running backs were getting mauled, and the refs weren't protecting them. By week 6, we'll be back to 2011 scoring and passing levels. There is no reason to believe otherwise.

Thanks for the read, as usual, and have a Ramtastic Day!