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NFL trade deadline: Rams fielding calls for Steven Jackson

Teams are interested in trading for Steven Jackson, but will the St. Louis Rams deal the veteran running back?

Jamie McDonald

The NFL pushed the trade deadline back to Thursday, Nov. 1 at 4pm ET, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. That gives the St. Louis Rams another 48 hours to think about the calls that they are fielding with regard to running back Steven Jackson, something Adam Schefter reported was happening with some frequency these days.

Schefter's report did not mention which teams were interested, but Chris Mortensen did mention that the Packers have tried to ply Jackson away from the Rams in the past. He went so far as to note that Packers GM Ted Thompson has long been a fan of Jackson, and to keep an eye on the team from Title Town.

Jackson posted a cryptic tweet earlier on Monday that will surely leave more than a few wondering what he knows.

The 29-year old running back has been a stalwart for the Rams since being drafted in 2004. Unfortunately, he's never been a part of a competitive Rams teams, not since his rookie season anyway. This week's loss in London was a clear reminder that the Rams have a long way to go before the team can compete with the league's best on a regular basis. Trading Jackson would at least net the Rams some draft picks for the future.

As for what Jackson might fetch in a deal, a fourth-round pick seems to be the most optimistic ceiling. The Broncos dealt Brandon Lloyd to the Rams last year, a season after Lloyd led the NFL in receiving yards, for a conditional fifth-round pick.