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Why These Three Injured Players Will Bring A Spark To the Offense After The Bye Week

After starting out 3-2, the Rams have fallen to 3-5, and just can't get anything going on offense. The Rams are now entering a bye week, which came at the right time. The most important thing about this bye week is that Danny Amendola, Rodger Saffold, and Scott Wells should be back, in time for the 49ers game.

Your time will come young man
Your time will come young man

What a roller coaster ride this season has been, when the Rams were 3-2, it looked like they were on the right track. Then the Rams lost to the Dolphins 17-13. Then, the defense fell apart against Aaron Rodgers one week, and Tom Brady the next.

Honestly, It's easy to tell why, the Rams defense has feasted on weak quarterbacks, so playing two Hall of Fame quarterbacks, resulted in opposite results.

Maybe if the defense had help from the offense, things would have been a little different, an offense that's looked better than last seasons debacle, but is a long way from being on the level of a Tom Brady led offense.

The main reason the Rams haven't been able to score is simple, they are missing their big three, or big two and medium one, Danny Amendola, Rodger Saffold, and Scott Wells.

All three of these players impacted the Rams in different ways. Rodger Saffold, was playing pretty good at left tackle this season before he got injured. Scott Wells missed a majority of the Pre-Season, but he's the starting center, who was supposed to take the role of protection calls, and then we have the next great slot receiver Danny Amendola. Who had 32 receptions, 395 yards, and 2 touchdowns.

Together, these three players are the missing ingredient for the Rams offense, and makes it obvious as to why the Rams offense has struggled.

Against the Patriots, the Rams starting offensive line consisted of, Berry Richardson, Shelley Smith, Joe Barksdale, Robert Turner, and Harvey Dahl. Joe and Shelley shouldn't be starting, but they are serviceable. However after the bye week the Rams offensive line should look like this: Rodger Saffold, Robert Turner, Scott Wells, Harvey Dahl and Berry Richardson, which isn't a great offensive line, but it should be good.

With those pieces on the offensive line, the offense shouldn't be as predictable with these players back, since the team will trust these players more. The run game should be better, since this line will be able to block better holes for Daryl Richardson and Steven Jackson.

Now let's look at the passing game, Danny Amendola will be back, which will mean that the other players will see less coverage, and Sam Bradford will have his security blanket back. The Rams offense, was able to move the ball with Danny, without Rodger and Scott, so having all of them will help even more. Plus with the emergence of Chris Givens, this offense should be able to move the ball through the air.

Lance Kendricks is the forgotten guy here. He's played his role well. The Rams have asked Kendricks to help block and to be the check down for Sam. Now with a better offensive line, we should see more of Lance Kendricks attacking the defense past the first down marker. He will also be a factor in the red zone, with Amendola back.

I'm not saying that Amendola, Saffold, and Wells returning will make the Rams a great offense, but these players will be key if the Rams are going to score points, and have a chance of winning games these next few weeks.