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Rob Gronkowski clowns the Rams, pays tribute to 'the little nutcracker dude'

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was in the holiday spirit this week.

Jamie McDonald

The St. Louis Rams were woefully unprepared for the New England Patriots and a steamroller offense. One player in particular befuddled Jeff Fisher's defense, none other than the ultimate bro himself Rob Gronkowski.

Gronk caught eight passes, totaled 146 yards and scored two touchdowns. At one point defensive tackle Michael Brockers was covering him, as if Steve Spagnuolo had somehow come back to call a few guest plays for the Rams defense.

Anyway, Gronk took the opportunity of Sunday's glorified practice session to pay tribute to one of fiction's most beloved chartacters: "the little nutcracker dude." Have a look for yourself. This was Gronk after his first touchdown, honoring the classic children's character:



For his second touchdown dance, Gronk just flat out went crazy. Only Gronk, professional football's version of Charlie Sheen, knows what this one was about, what 'little dude' he was toasting with this dance.