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St. Louis Rams: The Spin

After that beat down, Rams fans, players and coaches alike are licking their wounds and searching for positives. The rest of the NFC West, the Rams cheerleaders and the Redskins are here to help.

One of the games few positives
One of the games few positives
Jamie McDonald

When the Rams have lost this year, there have always been some positives that kept hope alive. Yesterday's game turned out a little different. Outside of Sam Bradford looking like he's improving, there was little else to be happy about. After some digging, a few positives - although they don't deal directly with yesterday's game - have become apparent...

The NFC West Watch - The Seahawks fell to the Detroit Lions yesterday 28-24. If you only looked at the Seahawks stat line for the day, you might think they won the game. Lynch finished with 12 carries going for 105 yards and a score. The unpredictable Russell Wilson had a respectable day throwing for 236 yards on 25 of 35 passing. Somehow the Lions managed to overcome it all and hand the Seahawks their 4th loss of the season.

Arizona and San Francisco play each other tonight, so one of them will gain one in the loss column as well. For as tough as the NFC West seemed at the beginning of the year, it has taken a marked drop since. Seattle, Arizona and St. Louis all have major deficiencies. Fortunately, the Rams have the picks to fix those problems.

Redskins Watch - After hearing how amazing RG3 is week after week, people must be astonished to look at their record and see that they are 3-5. RG3 is a special athlete, no doubt, but he doesn't have the support around him to compete on a weekly basis....sound familiar? The difference is that the Rams will have four first round picks in the next two NFL drafts to help Sam, while the Redskins will have to rely on mid-round and late-round picks to offer support for their young star. Also, RG3 has not changed his massive hit taking ways. Every loss the Redskins take moves the Rams closer to landing a top level talent in the draft.

The Rams Cheerleaders - These ladies managed to keep smiles on their faces as their team had their smiles smacked from their faces.



I realize this may not offer much solace, but after a game like yesterday's there isn't much to offer. The Rams just have to pick up the pieces and get back in the film room. As fans all we can do is stick by our team and turn out for the next home game to show the team we still believe. This team may not be playoff bound, but the steps forward are more than most of us ever expected.