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Rams in London: Five Player Review

Eddie's five player review.? In the bank. The game? In the stank. Time to review.


This game was not for the faint of heart. The Rams fell 45-7 to the New England Patriots at Wembley Stadium in London. That's a 38-point difference, y'all.

It didn't all start bad. The Rams put up the first points of the game with a Chris Givens 50-yard touchdown reception. But then Tom Brady and Co. got a hold of the ball and just couldn't stop scoring.

The game was so out of hand that both teams started to sit down starters halfway through the third quarter.

Lets just go to the five player recap:

FS Craig Dahl

I could bad talk Craig all day, but I'll let the people over on twitter handle this.


Dahl is down in the Kevin Kolb position. Looks like he pooped himself too

On Rams' lists of needs, safeties (yes, plural) have to be a priority.

Dahl's partner, SS Quintin Mikell, did not have a great day covering Rob Gronkowski either.

QB Sam Bradford

Bradford got on one of his best starts of the season. He was completing everything. He even that 50 yard TD to Givens. Givens then went out of the game for a bit with a toe injury, and Bradford stopped throwing those bombs. Then, you know, the Patriots put up 21 points in the second quarter alone. After that, There really was no hope for Bradford or the team. He ended the day going 22-31, 205 yards, a TD and a thrown interception.

WR Brandon Gibson

Tale of the two Gibsons. He was not involved in the game during the short time that it was actually close. His biggest catch came in garbage time – a 22-yarder. Overall, he had three catches for 43 yards.

WR Brian Quick

We did not see him early on during the game like some of us hoped, but we did see him when it all did not even matter. The cat is still very green. He lined up wrong on a certain play. Overall, he had one catch after being targeted four times. His catch was thrown by backup QB Kellen Clemons. It was good for 39 yards.

DT Michael Brockers

Brockers was pretty silent throughout the game. He and his fellow D-Linemen did a woeful job at stopping the run. New England had 151 rushing yards in total. RB Stevan Ridley had 127 yards and a touchdown alone. Second-year RB Shane Vereen also had a TD from a yard away. Many of the big runs came on the outside run.

We did see Brockers when he went out and covered Gronkowski on a seven-yard catch that resulted in a touchdown.