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Rams destroyed in London

The Rams started off fast against New England in "Merry Olde" England with a quick TD, then blew a gasket.

Jamie McDonald

In a great atmosphere of over 80,000 fans, the Rams started off fast with a 50-yard touchdown pass. This marked the 5th straight week WR Chris Givens had a 50+ yard catch, a rookie record.

Unfortunately for St. Louis, that was the only highlight as the Patriots took total command of the game which finished 45-7. The Rams could not stop Stevan Ridley. The Rams could not stop Brandon Lloyd. The Rams could not pressure Tom Brady. And to say the Rams had no answer for Rob Gronkowski is a massive understatement.

New England lit up the Rams for 473 yards averaging 7.3 yards per play. The Patriots ran a glorified 7-on-7 drill, and the Rams were helpless.

The Rams offense, despite a good game from Sam Bradford (23/31, 205 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT), again failed to get any momentum going. If the Chris Givens bomb is taken away, the Rams only mustered 276 yards against a very mediocre Patriots defense.

The Rams also inexplicably abandoned the running game again, only rushing the ball 23 times versus 58 passing plays.

The offensive line once again performed well above expectations, but there was a major scare in the third quarter as the offensive line finally gave up the big hit on Bradford we all feared. Sam came right back in the game...crisis averted.

Losing like this is embarrassing for everyone involved from fans, players, coaches, and even the towel boys. The Rams should watch the tape as soon as possible, burn it, and move on. The Rams have a bye week next week (a blessing from the football gods) before facing the 49ers in St. Louis.