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Rams Vs. Patriots Silver Lining.

Looking for a silver lining in a game where the Rams were dominated by the Patriots.

Jamie McDonald

The Rams vs. patriots was a mismatch, going into the game, it appeared that this could be an interesting game, the Rams might lose, but they would show us something positive.

Well that's how it appeared when the Rams scored easily on their first drive. Then the patriots scored four touchdowns before half, and you knew that was all she wrote.

The game got so bad, after the Patriots scored on their first possession in the 2nd half, the network switched to the Packers and Jaguars game.

It's hard looking for silver linings after a game where all three sides of the team performed like they were still on vacation. That game was embarrassing, when you only have highlights of your defense giving up wide open touchdowns, and the same thing happened last week, you have to worry about the team, but that''s a story for later. Anyway, there were a couple of positives to take away from the game.

Sam Bradford, played a hell of a game. It didn't show in points, or even passing yards, but he's showing that he's steadily improving. For those who followed me on twitter during the off-season, you know that I was critical of Bradford, really critical. But, how can I be critical when he's improved on the things that I wanted him to improve the most and the team is still losing.

Sam has improved in the pocket, he hasn't been shying away from hits, he goes through his reads, sometimes too quick, but he's not always staring down his primary read, Sam has shown his athletic ability to move away from pressure and to extend the play, hell even his usually pitiful deep pass has gotten better. Man, that play action isn't so obvious anymore.

It's sad that the only thing worth clapping for is the franchise quarterback improving on the intangibles, but it's better late than never.

The next silver lining positive to take away from this game, the bye week starts now. Now the Rams can get Danny Amendola, Rodger Saffold, and Scott Wells back. Those players should help the offense get better, the bye week couldn't have came at a better time, since the Rams will be playing the majority of their conference games.

The last silver lining is that the Redskins lost this week too. The Rams need some good players in the draft and having the Redskins 1st round pick will really help matters.