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Patriots vs. Rams: Second half game thread

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Open thread for the second half of the Rams-Patriots game in London, England, Oct. 28.

Jamie McDonald

Well, that didn't go all that well.

A defensive strategy that allowed Tom Brady plenty of time to pick apart the field with an oddly frequent dose of three-man rushes. An offense that came apart early in the second quarter after Chris Givens, who deposited his long TD catch in the bank early on, went back to the locker room with a toe injury.

Maybe no play summed up how confused the defensive strategy is than the Patriots' third touchdown as DT Michael Brockers stripped off the line to drop into coverage. I don't know how that makes sense ever, but that's what the Rams' defense is right now.

Talented players being a bit misused to try and cover their deficiencies at safety and with the inexperience at spots. You do that by dropping deeper and rushing fewer players against quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, and...well, we've seen what happens these last two weeks.

Can the offense do anything to help take the pressure off the other side of the ball? It's going to be tough. The referees aren't helping much, Sam likely is feeling the effects of a painful hit from Dont'a Hightower, Givens is working on nine toes, Gibson is sick or whatever.


Strap in, fellas. This is going to test all of us.