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Patriots vs. Rams, London: Game thread

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The St. Louis Rams are in London for a date with the New England Patriots.


London calling. The St. Louis Rams packed up and headed across the pond almost a week ago to start getting ready and do a bunch of promoting the NFL. This afternoon, evening in the UK, all of it comes to fruition with a game against the New England Patriots.

With a name like that the Rams have to win in London, right?

Not going to lie, the Rams are underdogs, big underdogs. And this is a home game in name only. Of course, the Rams happen to know the owner of the team that plays at Wembley Stadium, site of today's game.

Danny Amendola is out, despite teasing us all week with his potential availability. Steven Jackson might or might not be traded by the Tuesday deadline. Sam Bradford is struggling and has a chance to silence the doubters with a big game against a weak Pats pass defense.

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