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Steven Jackson trade rumors: Teams interested in Rams veteran RB

The St. Louis Rams are getting calls about Steven Jackson says Adam Schefter.


The phones at Rams Park have been busy lately. Adam Schefter of ESPN says that GM Les Snead is getting calls from teams interested in running back Steven Jackson, a long-time fixture of the St. Louis Rams who is not a part of the team's rebuilding efforts going forward.

Schefter says that the Rams are not actively shopping Jackson. Teams are calling, and the Rams are listening to offers. What kind of return Snead can get for a 29-year old running back is likely to underwhelm, especially for a brand name like Jackson. A fourth-round pick seems like a reasonable offer, but then again, Brandon Lloyd only fetched a fifth-round pick last season. That might be a more realistic offer.

Several contending teams have a need for a power back like Jackson, including the Green Bay Packers and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Another problem facing the Rams on a return offer is the availability of other backs like Jackson. DeAngelo Williams in Carolina and Chris Ivory in New Orleans are two others often mentioned as possible trade targets.

The trade deadline is Tuesday.