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Week 8 picks! Rams vs Patriots, Eagles vs Falcons, and Cowboys vs Giants! Team TST picks by Tevin Broner!

Week 8 picks! Rams vs Patriots, Eagles vs Falcons, and Cowboys vs Giants!

Scott Heavey

We are back with week 8's picks with three fantastic games. You'll get everyone's thoughts on the Rams big game in London, the 6-0 Falcons taking on Michael Vick and the Eagles, and the always awesome Cowboys Giants showdown. Let's jump right into people's thoughts on how this week's big games are gonna go...

Nep_medium vs. Stl_medium

3K: Rams. What the hell, why not. London + Patriots' pass defense + pressure on Rams to get back to .500 = Rams win. Step it up, UK-based Rams fans.

DCRamFan: Rams. Homerism' is probably having me give the Rams the edge in this one. A win will be totally predicated upon the premise that the front four of the Rams are able to provide constant pressure on Nancy boy Tom Brady all game long. If not, this one could be lopsided, as the Pats have way too may offensive weapons. Rams win by 3

Douglas M: Rams. Something odd is happening with the Rams... Their offense is starting to look like, well, an OFFENSE. This may be the only shot the Rams have to show what they can do, since the next game they have is against a tough San Francisco defense. New England's secondary is the weakest unit they've faced all year, and their defensive line isn't all that good either. Bradford could really shine in London if his stable of rookies aren't stage shy in Wembley Stadium. For the Rams, it will be all about how well their rookies play in all three facets of the game. I'm taking the Rams to upset an unsteady Patriots team.

Mike Dietrich: New England. Another tough matchup for the Rams, Brady and the balanced offense is too much for the Rams at "home" in London. Pats by 10

Rick Siegel: The Rams are a matchup nightmare for the Pats. Brady starts hearing footsteps when he gets hit, and the Rams pass rush is tremendous. If Brady starts getting hit, then Gronk will have to be in blocking instead of exploiting the Rams safeties. The Rams offense may be bad, but it plays well against bad defenses (see: Redskins), and the Pats defense may legitimately be the worst in the league.

I also think the Rams handled the trip overseas far better than the Patriots did, going to London on Monday and giving themselves 6 days to get used to the time zone change and get over the 9 hour flight. The Patriots arrived on Friday, giving themselves a very shortened schedule to be ready for the game.

The Patriots are clearly the more talented team, but I think the circumstances of this game should lead to a Rams victory.

Tevin Broner: New England. I have to put my money on the Pats. The Rams aren't horrible, they can hang with many teams in the NFL. But the Patriots, in a neutral field, I don't think the Rams will be able to beat them. The only way the Rams can win, is if Danny Amendola plays, the offense just isn't good without him. Although the Pats aren't as good as they usually are, they still have more talent then the Rams.

Atl_medium @ Phi_medium

3K: Atlanta. What the hell, why not. Atlanta + Vick's inconsistency + a two-game losing streak for the Eagles = Falcons win. Me likey Atlanta. So does everyone else.

DCRamFan: Atlanta. At some point in time, Atlanta is going to have to lose a game. Until they do, though, I'm not going to pick against them. Philly is way too inconsistent to me, and the Falcons are just an extremely well rounded team. I take ATL to knock off Philly at home. Several Eagles fans will wind up in the jail that they keep handy at the stadium

Douglas M: Atlanta. This will be the game that explodes either Michael Vick or Andy Reid in Philly. While I don't like Atlanta coming out of a bye week, the Eagles are too. Home field advantage for the Eagles isn't going to stop a powerful Falcon's air attack. Matt Ryan needs to return to his "Matty Ice" persona though, because turn overs will be the key to this game. I'll take Atlanta, with a side of Mike Vick seeing the bench some time during the game.

Mike Dietrich: Philadelphia. The Andy Reid Eagles are 13-0 off a bye and finally made a change a DC in a great coach in Bowles. Eagles by 10

Rick Siegel: Atlanta. I still think this Eagles team is better than most people do, but Atlanta is just finding ways to win games. I'm a bit nervous about the Eagles famous post-bye win streak, and the fact that this Eagles team always seems to play best when we expect the least out of them. But I can't pick against the Falcons facing Michael Vick.

Tevin Broner: Philadelphia. Now this is an interesting game. The Eagles have the best talent, and if they put it all together, they can hang with any team in the league, however the mistakes by Vick has plagued the team. The Falcons are riding high, but have they beaten good teams? This game could go either way, but I'm picking the Falcons, to not be undefeated after this game.

Nyg_medium @ Dal_medium

3K: Giants. What the hell, why not. EliManningFace + Romo being romo + chance for New York to take a commanding lead in NFC East = Giants win. Mathematics.

DCRamFan: Giants. The defending Super Bowl Champions are looking like their on the road back to the big game. Complete ownership of the 49ers in the NFC Championship rematch, followed by a resilient 90 second comeback win over the Skins last week....I'm not sure how you beat these guys. Dallas won't either

Douglas M: Giants. The Giants usually find a way to give a game away after a great win, and this could be one of those games. It isn't though, because the Cowboys are just terrible right now. They struggled against a sloppy Carolina last week to pull out a win, but this team has serious issues. Eli will take his Giants down Texas way and put on a show that will make Jerry Jones start to take resumes for a new head coach. Giants win.

Mike Dietrich: Giants. The Giants have won over 67% on the road the past few years and with the Lee injury in Dallas, I see their 4th win in a row in Dallas by 7

Rick Siegel: Cowboys. I feel like I am the only one who watches when Dallas plays New York. Dallas always plays the Giants tough, the Giants can never have a great season, because they are so inconsistent, and Dallas is almost always at their best in division games. I don't totally see why the Giants are such a big favorite. I think the Boys take this one, and do so somewhat handily.

Tevin Broner: Dallas. The Cowboys are playing a better team, and the Giants have been playing good and has been clutch. but any given Sunday.

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