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Patriots vs. Rams, NFL London game: Belichick, Fisher have very different takes on English football fans

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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has a very different take on the fans in London than Jeff Fisher.

Jim Rogash

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher and his Patriots counterpart Bill Belichick have a lot in common. However, they have very different takes on playing a game in London as part of the NFL's effort to build an international market there.

Fisher praised fans in the UK.

"Well, it's just been great," Fisher said. "We'll have more interactions with the fans as the weekend gets closer. We've pretty much been isolated in our football and work. We're looking forward to some of the events this weekend."

The Rams head coach is no stranger to England. He's been there twice on business, the business of football, before this weekend's game. During those trips, he's seen the league's beachhead for football, American football, growing.

"I made two trips over here - late 80s, early 90s - great deal of enthusiasm for American football," the Rams coach said. "What we've heard from the teams that have been here the last couple years, they've indicated that it was very well received."

Belichick had a much different take on the NFL in Europe and fans in London. From an NFL report on Friday:

"It's not really a football crowd," he said. "It's random. If I'm talking to somebody and you hear the crowd go crazy, you think something has happened, but that's their cheer or their chant or whatever it is."

Despite the talk about the overseas game benefiting the teams playing there - and it probably doesn't hurt - these games are purely about market development for the league. Whether or not that results in a franchise there remains to be seen. Like Los Angeles, the NFL doesn't really need a franchise there to reap the benefits of another large market.

But what are they cheering about?!