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Danny Amendola injury: Rams WR has 'outside chance' to play this week

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The St. Louis Rams might have an old friend back on the field this week after all.

Jamie Squire

Not so fast on Danny Amendola. Earlier on Thursday a report from the Post-Dispatch said that he would not play this week against the New England Patriots in Sunday's London game. Head coach Jeff Fisher is not ruling him out for the week.

"He practiced better today," Fisher said of his receiver, who went through another day of practice. "He was limited, but he practiced better today. We'll have to wait and see how the week goes on."

Amendola was not ruling out the possibility either.

"It kind of depends on how I feel tomorrow," the receiver said. "There's an outside chance I could play."

Assessing Amendola's readiness to return from injury is complicated by the fact the man would probably play through an amputation, if only they would let him. It can be hard to keep him off the field.

"Danny, immediately after the injury, wanted to go back on the field," Fisher said. "He's a competitor and he loves to play and we can't wait to get him back."

Amendola rushed, or was rushed, back from an elbow injury last year, a move that precipitated a more serious injury in the form of a separated triceps. This is a different injury, but the concern about him pushing too hard is a legit one.

I don't also wonder about some gamesmanship from Fisher here, forcing his opponent, a crafty Bill Belichick, to prepare for a Rams team with Amendola in the lineup.