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Patriots vs. Rams, London: Jeff Fisher can handle the English weather

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Foggy? Rainy? Damp? None of these things bother Jeff Fisher.


We've long marveled at just how tough Jeff Fisher is. That applies the St. Louis Rams head coach's choice of wardrobe as well. Fisher has a strict cutoff date for cutoffs, for when he wears shorts to practice out of doors.

"Yes, I've got this deal where I've worn shorts all the way to December 1," Fisher told press after Thursday's practice in London. "It's going to be a challenge, I think, as soon as we get back to St. Louis, but I'm going to give it a shot."

And what happens on Dec. 2?

"I wear long pants. I warm up since I've been coaching."

The weather has been a bit grim for the Rams as the team practices for its Sunday game against the New England Patriots. Players have been anything but grim and gray, according to the head coach.

"It's better than yesterday," Fisher said of his most recent practice. "You can tell that they're rested and that they're enthusiastic. They have a lot of energy. They had a good day, good day for a Thursday."

Alright, Photoshop enthusiasts, your mission is to put Fisher in a pair of JORTS!