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TST Social Media Mailbag: Lots of questions about Brian Quick and the Rams offense

Answering questions, that you guys asked about on our facebook page.


How are you guys doing? I decided to blow off the dust on one of our main features that we did last year, and as you can see it's bringing back the TST mailbag series again.

Basically, we ask you guys to ask us a question, and then we answer it. Most of the time it's via facebook, but maybe just maybe, we will ask you guys off of our twitter page, see we know how to make you guys happy.

Here's the 1st half of The Fearsome Foursome video that NFL Network made a few weeks ago also

The Fearsome Foursome - A Football Life Part 1 (via Mike Jones)

1) Josh Englehart: What would you say we need to address in the draft the most?

T.B: Man, honestly I would say wide receiver, and an offensive tackle. Saffold has been injured the last two seasons, and we just don't know what we have in him.

2)Nacho Beltran: i wasn't able to watch the game, but on the espn update system brian quick seemed to be doing well at the end of the game. was this because of soft coverage, or did he create plays? do you think we will see more of him?

T.B : It was garbage time. I think we will see more of him, possibly in this game, he will have to earn it, maybe the coaches will go with him after the bye week when Amendola comes back.

3)Joseph C. Barrow Jr.: It appears Quick is starting to be utilized more in the 4th qtr. Will they eventually start using him more so in the 1st half?

T.B: We only used him so that he could get more experience. Man it can go either way, the Rams tried to start him and use him a lot, but last week he barely got on the field, and there's no reason to rush him. He does need to learn how to play well in the red zone, he's too not be a factor.

4)Mike Kelsey: heres a question... why doesnt Shotty roll SB out more.. and run more play action or screens... there are so many ways to overcome a weak offensive line.. us couch potataoes know em.. why dont the coaches

T.B: Why don't we run the ball more also? The last two weeks the Rams have looked impressive running the ball and then put the ball in the quarterbacks hands.

I don't trust this offensive line blocking for play actions, but when Danny Amendola, Rodger Saffold and Scott Wells come back, that should open up the playbook more.

5)Roman Dovbenco: Plain and simple: Why cant we get the damn ball in the endzone

T.B: This is a simple answer. We need the three players mentioned above back, we need to be able to run into the endzone, we also need Lance Kendricks and Brian Quick to show up in the red zone.

I plan on going more detailed about this, sometimes next week, but if those things happen, that's at least two touchdowns a game, instead of struggling to get one.

6)Jake N Dani Reeder: We need to pass the ball more and keep on using Givens, Quick and Richardson. Why doesn't the Rams put good drives together and be more pass happy in the beginning of the game. If they play the whole game like they played in the 4th quarter, they could have won.

T.B: It's easy to score when the other team knows they won. The Rams don't have the talent to throw the ball all over the field.

7)Ryan Smith: Rams offense clearly need help scoring enough to win against a good offense. How does this team manufacture points from D or ST?

T.B: Good field position. The Rams need to find a consistent returner since Amendola is hurt, would you put Amendola back there after he comes back from injury? I don't think Janoris Jenkins is the answer back there, Given's is starting to become to important, but I want to put Isaiah Pead back in.

8)Robert Buchanan III: Hows Danny Amendola recovering from his injury? And when can we expect Brian Quick to get more playing time? Last question, Are we pursuing Dwayne Bowe since he wants out of Kansas City?

T.B: He should be back after the bye week. When he get's better, or most likely after the by week.I couldn't tell you that answer, if I was a betting man, I wouldn't bet on Bowe playing for the Rams.

9)Mike Hemme: This has already been stated, but I will reiterate it: how can there be so many opposing fans in the stadium? I know Cheeseheads travel well, but what took place today was a disgrace on the part of the fans. How can the city expect the team to stay if they don't show up and drown out the opposing fans. I got so tired of hearing "KUUUHHHHNN!" when he touched the ball, as well as the cheering that took place when the Packers scored. It was an utter disgrace!

T.B: WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's how you fill up the seats. The Packers are a great team, the Rams have been horrible, and I'm sure most fans saved money for the Cards game. The fans should be there for the next home game. I mean who doesn't have money to pay for a plane ticket to leave the country, hotel, and rental car

10)Randy Litka: The game is early... its 4th and one and you do not run S-Jax?? WHY???????

T.B: It might have been 4th and two. The play should have worked, but I think the Rams wanted to be less predictable, since they didn't know what they were getting out of the young offensive linemen on the other side.