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Power rankings summary, Week 8: Streaking the wrong way

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The Rams are now sitting on their first losing streak of the 2012 NFL season. Surely, that means a big negative slide in the national perception as represented by power rankings, no?

Doug Pensinger

A day late and a dollar short. Busy times for busy minds have pushed this week's power rankings summary back a bit, but that may be better for those of you who are prone to throwing/punching/breaking things when your Rams are treated with nary a positive word.

Having achieved the dubious honour (London week style, and all) of their first losing streak of the season, certainly the Rams drop back into the 20's, on average. The question for me going into this week's rankings - does the national media think the Rams are a good or mediocre team that has put on a pair of uninspiring losses or a mediocre to poor team that is showing its true self?

(NOTE: If you'd like me to add any other source, let me know in the comments.)

Average ranking (# of rankings) 21st (11)
Average change from last week -1.82
Highest ranking (source) 15th (Pro Football Talk)
Lowest ranking (source) 27th (SB Nation)
Biggest positive change (source) +1 (Yahoo! Sports)
Biggest negative change (source) -5 ( - Harrison)

SB Nation: 27th (25th last week)

Jeff Fisher has turned this team into something other than the same old Rams, but he still has a long, long way to go. Fans there are starting to wonder if they have the quarterback they need to complete the project.

ESPN: 21st (20th)

The Rams need turnovers but have only one opponent's fumble recovery this season. (Power Poll): 22nd (21st) (Harrison): 17th (12th)

We held serve on the St. Louis Rams for long enough. After two straight losses and subpar secondary play versus the Packers on Sunday (at home, no less), St. Louis plummets. At 3-4, the Rams might be as good as Arizona (they did beat them in Week 5), but are falling back in the early wild-card race. Danny Amendola's injury really hurt this team. Sam Bradford's so-so play does, too. His lone interception on Sunday came on a woefully underthrown ball and ultimately allowed Green Bay to take a commanding 20-6 lead.

CBS Sports: 19th (16th)

From Aaron Rodgers last week to Tom Brady this week. When does it ease up?

Yahoo! Sports: 19th (20th)

It's just good to see the Rams competing. I don't think they'll finish at or better than .500 this season, but at least they're no longer miserable. They're not an easy out anymore, which is really pretty encouraging, considering how much room they have to improve the roster. They started two offensive linemen this week who had never started a game before. And they were competitive. They should be that the rest of the way.

Pro Football Talk: 15th (15th)

The Rams have a chance to win pretty much every game. Soon, they’ll be winning most of them.

Pro Football Weekly: 22nd (21st)

Tough scheduling to face Pats in London after falling to Packers.

Fox Sports: 25th (23rd)

Much as they have all season, the Rams gave the Packers everything they had on Sunday. But everything they have just doesn't match up with the better teams in the league.

National Football Post: 23rd (20th)

Another test for this Rams’ defense vs. Brady and the Pats in London.

Sports Illustrated: 21st (18th)

The encouraging thing is the effort is there every week with Jeff Fisher's plucky Rams, and that's a good sign for the future. They're just trying to win gun fights with knives at the moment, generally a losing proposition. St. Louis flew to London early this week to get ready for the Patriots at Wembley on Sunday, and any way you score it in the NFC West travel wars, that beats practicing all week in Youngstown, Ohio.