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Random Ramsdom 10/25/2012: London Edition

Top of the mornin’ to ya, Rams fans! There’s very little time to fanny around this week, as the Rams have touched down in England and have begun preparations for a Week 8 matchup against the Patriots. The Rams, and their fans, would surely fancy a win this Sunday. They will need to halt the Pats #1 ranking offense, unless they intend on bunging the ball behind a duff offensive line for the majority of the matchup. Easy peasy. If you’re fluke enough to get to see the game in London, I hope you’re chuffed with the result. If you’re watching at home, like yours truly, here’s to getting bladdered and getting back to .500. Smashing!

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Scott Heavey

By the way, if you want to talk like a Brit for the rest of the week, it’s perfectly acceptable. Here’s a site that’ll aid you in saying some pretty ridiculous stuff that may or may not make sense in either form of English...

In Rams News…

Walter Updates His 2013 NFL Mock

At this point, I think Walter has just locked players to particular teams and is moving them up and down the board as the team wins or loses this season. By the end of the season, he’ll have it ranked in perfect order. Regardless, he’s got the Rams picking 12 and 20 [via Skins]. With four picks in the first three rounds, it’s an even split for offense and defense. You agree?

So Who’s The Home Team In This Game?

The Patriots, as you may have guessed due to their last decade [plus some] of success, are a pretty popular football team. Jeff Fisher recognized that there were quite a few Cheeseheads in the Edward Jones Dome last Sunday. Bandwagons are pretty reliable vehicles, I suppose. Are there bandboats…or bandplanes? The Rams will probably not see the fan support that they get in St. Louis. That’s ok, though…they’re cool with that

A VIDEO Preview of the Patriots v. Rams Game from Bleacher Report

The Rams lost their first home game of the season in Week 7, and Week 8’s ‘home' matchup against the New England Patriots will certainly be no easy test. The Patriots, who have been known for their potent offenses for as long as I can remember

Boston Globe Gives the Rams a Little Love

The Rams won’t be a pushover for the Patriots…at least that’s what this New England source says. Spreading the love for the Rams over coaching, offense, defense, and special teams, this read informs it’s readers that these aren’t those same ol’ sorry Rams.

The Rams Early Take On Their Arrival In London

The Rams seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the early part of their stay in England. Mingling with fans, enjoying the scenery. Just taking it all in. A necessary evil I suppose. As ambassadors of the game, and of the country, it would behoove them to get out amongst the Londoners in an effort to spread the name of the game. The name ‘Linebacker’ means very little, according to James Laurinaitis

Where Things Stand For the Rams Going Into Week 8

The Rams are no strangers to having a losing record, but for the first time in a long time, fans need not fret. Although this weeks ‘home’ game will be played overseas, a stout Rams defense can keep this game close…as it has all season. They appear to have found diamonds in the rough, and other components that are just…well…rough. Stocks are rising, and in some cases, not matching their price. The Outlook? Optimistic

In Sporting News…

Week 8back to top "
Tampa Bay at Minnesota 8:20 PM NFL - Mall of America Field

Yahoo! has your preview for the game: If you had asked me which of these teams would’ve started the 2012 season at 5-2 and 2-4, I would’ve been dead wrong. Even more surprising is that the Bucs have put up some points this season [tied for 11th in the NFL at 24.7 per] but come up just shy several times. Will their defense be able to keep Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin? Tune in

Thursday, October 25
7:30 PM No. 18 Clemson at Wake Forest Tickets

CBS Sports has what ya need: The 4-2 Demon Deacons will host the Clemson Tigers - one of the Nation’s most explosive offenses - on Thursday night. For players to watch, game synopsis, and predictions hit the link. The Clemson offense may prove to be too much for the WF defense. Any given Thursday…

Thursday, October 25
Detroit at San Francisco 8:00 PM FOX Doubt It Fister vs Bumgarner

World Series Game One Recap: Wow

For only the fourth time in World Series history, game one was being pitched by two Cy Young award winners. One of those CY winners, Jason Verlander, got worked over in the first four innings, to the tune of five runs on six hits. Two of those hits went a very long way. Pablo Sandoval joined the Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, and Albert Pujols when he hit his third home run in one World Series game. Statement win for San Francisco. Time to look in the mirror, Detroit. The winner of Game 1 has won eight of the last nine World Series.

The NFL’s Least [and Most] Liked Players

Ndamukong Suh takes the top honor…for least liked. I’ll admit, that I expected [and was slightly surprised not] to see Cortland Finnegan make the list. He’s consistently called dirty. I’m not sure what people are talking about. Seems like a great dude. But I digress. What’s hilarious to me is that Brady Quinn is on the list of least liked…I forgot he was even in the NFL. Also, it’s apparent that being really good at USC, but really bad in the NFL, awards you no love.

Plain Ol Random…

Here Is Your Brain On Bath Salts

Imagine this. You’ve taken your shower, put your work clothes on, and are ready to begin your work day. Then, right after kissing the wife and kids, you drop an acid tablet. Maybe head out to the pasture and snag yourself a nice mushroom. Not feeling like a stroll through a cow paddy minefield? Head upstairs, grab some of your wife’s bath salts and kick your work day off the right way…

This Day In Sports History…

1953 - Cleveland Browns' QB Otto Graham sets club record with 4 fumbles
1973 - SF Giants trade Willie McCovey to SD Padres for pitcher Mike Caldwell
1975 - Denver Nuggets 1st game at McNichols Sports Arena beat St Louis Spirits
1986 - Trailing 5-3 with 2 out & no one on in bottom of 10th, NY rallies to win Game 6 of the World Series, 6-5, Bill Buckner misplays a ball
1990 - Evander Holyfield KOs Buster Douglas in 3 for Heavyweight boxing title

Happy Birthday To…

1881 - Pablo Picasso, one of the most influential painters in the 20th Century…and ever
1912 - Jack Kent Cooke, NFL team owner (Washington Redskins)
1940 - Bobby Knight, college basketball coach (Indiana, Olympic-gold-1984)
1970 - J.A. Adande, American sports columnist

Enjoy the day, chaps! Cheerio…or something. As always, hit me up on Twitter