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Danny Amendola injury: Rams WR returns to practice on a limited basis

Danny Amendola is practicing again. Could the St. Louis Rams have the team's top receiver back on the field in time for Week 8?


The St. Louis Rams jetted off to London this week, leaving several of the team's walking wounded at home. A few of the injured players joined the team on the trip, including Danny Amendola. The scrappy wide receiver was seen practicing with the team across the pond, wearing a helmet and catching passes from Sam Bradford.

Amendola separated his clavicle on a diving catch in a Week 5 win against the Arizona Cardinals. He was supposed to be on the shelf for a month, if not more. However, the nature of the injury was sketchy. The Rams training staff had to call around looking for precedent. The bone was literally centimeters away from a fatal injury. Instead, doctors were able to pop it back into place.

If you run into Danny Amendola, you should probably give him a buck and ask him to buy you a lottery ticket.

Now, Amendola is practicing on a limited basis, officially. It has been three weeks since his injury. This is Wednesday, and the Rams have a couple more days of practice before the game.

Keep an eye on Danny Amendola's status. If he's back in the lineup this soon, it could be a very positive development for the Rams, not to mention a huge morale boost after two disappointing losses. His return would also bode well for the offense this week against a Patriot team that struggles against slot receivers.