A midseason review of the 2012 Rams rookies

Hello again TST! 2 posts from me in a week? The Mayans are right, the world is ending! Anyway, I decided to review the Rams' 2012 rookie class as a whole. Technically, it isn't the midpoint yet for the Rams but bear with me. I'm also looking at my previous fanpost regarding my grades of the class immediately after the draft, which can be found here. I promise to keep it short and simple as much as I can unlike my weekly mailbag posts that are sometimes War and Peace long (bonus points if you know what this is) lol. I'm going to do another one of these at the end of the year looking back on this post. Onward to the good stuff!

14. Michael Brockers DT LSU

The current analysis: It's still a questionable pick but with the Rams defense slowly improving to protect Brockers, I'm subtracting my grade slightly. He has made little impact as he's been injured. The OL class this year has struggled some in general so that helps Brockers' cause. His injury and meager stat line have him slipping so far. Pick Grade: D

33. Brian Quick WR Appalachian State

Now: Well, turns out I was right about this one. Quick has barely seen the field in his short tenure with the Rams. In a rookie WR class that has disappointed for various reasons, Quick and his draft position makes it one of the most disappointing cases. Fellow rookie wideout Stephen Hill has passed him as the 2nd round WR to have so far, even with a far inferior offense. Pick Grade: D-

39. Janoris Jenkins CB UNA/UF

Now: A gamble that has paid off handsomely for Fisher and Snead. He has stabilized the suspect secondary with Cortland Finnegan. This might be the steal of the draft so far. He really benefits from having a great veteran in Finnegan to show him the pro ropes. Pick Grade: A

50. Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnatti

Now: After a hyped up preseason, Pead has yet to deliver on the promises of July and August. He holds firm in his grade because of the lack of playing time and the rookie RB class being lackluster as it is. Only Doug Martin and David Wilson has seen any time worth talking about. Pick Grade: C

65. Trumaine Johnson CB/S Montana

Now: Johnson has played pretty decently when he has been called upon, even getting a pick in the process. Another successful middle round pick by the new regime. Factors working against him though are plenty such as less time and the good play by Janoris Jenkins. Pick Grade: A

96. Chris Givens WR Wake Forest

What I said in May: Here's one guy I got sick of seeing FSU try to defend. A great pick this late into the process. He could eventually take over Amendola's constantly hurt self sooner rather than later in the slot. Yet another toy for Bradford. Pick grade: A

Now: A very prophetic call I made about Amendola's health issues earlier this year, wasn't it? I recall a certain amount of vigorous complaints regarding this one. Givens has stepped in for him admirably, giving Bradford a deep threat he can employ along with Brandon Gibson. He has outshined teammate Brian Quick in all ways so far. Pick Grade: A

150. Rokevious Watkins G South Carolina

Now: He played well enough to earn a starting gig in camp. This grade will improve slightly because of that fact but with some caution due to his injury. I did not foresee him being anything more than practice squad material, but he surprised everyone by earning the spot fair and square. Alas, he's on IR...Pick Grade: C

171. Greg Zuerlein K Missouri Western

Now: This guy has surpassed everyone's expectations by showing his powerful leg early on in the regular season. "Legatron" has taken the masses by storm. As always with kickers, there's no rhyme or reason to it, you have to just hang on for the ride. Pick Grade: A

209. Aaron Brown LB Hawaii

Now: Cut. It's a 7th round pick so not much risk was taken. Pick Grade: F

252. Daryl Richardson RB Abilene Christian

Now: He has shown very little until recently when the decision was made to divide the carries equally between him and Steven Jackson. The results of this change in policy have shown to be promising. His new grade has improved but tentatively so. Pick Grade: B

Overview - The front office seems to have struck oil in the mid to late rounds at this juncture in the season. They can pat themselves on the back for hitting on a remarkable 5 of 7 picks in my estimation. Jenkins, Givens, Richardson, and Zuerlein have come along nicely to become valued members of the organization as it moves forward. As much as I hate on Fisher, I give him credit for finding these small school guys to buy in on a regular basis. There's still time yet this year for Brockers to prove that he was worth the 14th overall pick. I'm not so high on Brian Quick as you have gathered. The overall class grade improves to: B+