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Random Ramsdom - 10/24 - Jeff Fisher never sleeps, Brandon Gibson the honeydew, and Harbaugh ready to fight another coach!

Random Ramsdom - 10/24 - Jeff Fisher never sleeps, Brandon Gibson the honeydew, and Harbaugh ready to fight another coach!


It's always tough to write these after a loss by the Rams. This week is easier than most, however, because the Rams were just outclassed. Unlike Miami or Detroit, where the Rams blew the game, Green Bay was a class above the Rams. The Rams played well just to keep it within striking distance, and if a few plays had gone the other way, maybe an upset would have been in the offing.

Now it's on to the 4-3 New England Patriots in the much maligned London game. The Pats have already lost to NFC West foes Arizona and Seattle, and it sure would be nice to see the Rams make them 0-3 against the West. Hopefully, St. Louis doesn't go the way of the other London "hosts" who have never finished a season above .500.

Alright, on to this week's links...

Rams News

Jeff Fisher and staff stayed up all night preparing for London - This is such a dedicated staff. You can see the results on the field, but also in actions like this. I can't help but feel like the Rams would have been flying to London on Friday night if Spags was still in charge. And then he would have kept the whole team up by clapping for the entire 8+ hour flight.

Sando calls out the Rams pass defense - Janoris Jenkins was making an argument for being the top rookie corner of all time through his first four games. Not so much of late, though, and Sando mentions his mental lapses. If he can learn to stay focused on his man, and not be peaking into the backfield at the wrong times, he can get himself - and the Rams secondary - turned right back around. Against Brady and all his weapons, the Rams will need Jenkins to be at top form to have a shot to pull off the upset.

Brandon Gibson gets a little love from CBS - I can't say I am as happy with Gibson as this author seems to be, but he has been the Rams' most consistent weapon. The number one thing that jumped out at me from this article is that this is just Gibson's fourth season. It feels like he has been here torturing us Rams' fans for much longer than that.

Other NFL News

Atlanta being undefeated is nothing but a result of a Patriots-esque schedule? - The author does lip service to the Falcons talent, but he seems to think they are a pretty weak team overall. I am not a lover of the Falcons, but the difference this year from most is how good that defense has been playing. The Falcons may not be the clear best team in the league, but let's not go too far and start downgrading them because of the schedule makers.

Charles Tillman is the best cornerback in the league - This according to Brian Urlacher, his teammate. I don't know if he is the best in the league, but I will say this...last night was as good of a single game sample I have ever seen a cornerback play. He was everywhere, and he shut down the best wide receiver in football.

Seahawks and 49ers starting to really dislike each other - You know it's becoming quite the rivalry when even the coaches are going back and forth. Hopefully, they beat the hell out of each other and leave the scraps for the Rams to clean up.

Thanks for the read, folks, and have a Ramtastic Day!