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Rams' WR Brian Quick-Isaac Bruce Comparisons?

Forner Ram receiver Isaac Bruce says he's not worried about Brian Quick's slow start.

Mike Ehrmann

So, this is pretty interesting. On Monday's Bernie Miklasz's show on ESPN 101, former Ram great – and this writer's favorite athlete – Isaac Bruce said he isn't too worried about rookie receiver Brian Quick's slow maturation process.

Bruce mentioned his own growing process as reason to not worry about Quick's slow start to the season. Both receivers were picked No. 33 overall and both came from a small school; Bruce came from Memphis, Quick from Appalachian St. With that small school tag comes the learning curve in the transition into the pros.

"It took me about eight weeks before I really knew what was going on, from a playbook standpoint," said Bruce, "and I think Mr. Quick might be on that same program."

Ike is saying it took him eight weeks into the season to fully grasp the NFL level of play, and we all know how he turned out to be. If it takes Quick that same amount of time to acclimate himself, I say it is all worth it. Especially if he comes anywhere close to being the receiver Bruce was.

Also mentioned during the show were receivers Brandon Gibson and Chris Givens.

Bruce said he likes what he sees out of Gibson, but that he lacks a true identity. He mentioned Gibson's play-making ability being overshadowed by his tendency of dropping the easy passes.

On Givens, he mentioned his ability to "take the top off the defense." He said it benefits the entire offense.

We agree, Mr. Bruce.