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Patriots vs. Rams opening line: Odds give New England seven points

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Bettors like the St. Louis Rams against the spread this season, but not so much against the Patriots.


The St. Louis Rams have a 3-4 record. That's better than last season at this time, and better than most thought it would be at all. Gamblers love the Rams because they have a 5-2 record against the spread this season, one of the best marks in the league. They open as 7-point underdogs to the New England Patriots for this week's "home" game at London's Wembley Stadium.

Along with the Saints and Buccaneers, the Rams are the biggest underdogs of the week in the opening lines. They are the biggest underdog among all home teams, but they aren't really at home, are they? Just ask a season ticket holder.

The over/under on the game is 46.5 points, and most of the action so far has been on the over. The Rams are 3-4 when it comes to the over/under. I suspect most are taking the over given the Patriots ability to score. In fact, I know that based on the fact that 60 percent of bettors are taking the Patriots to beat the spread.

What say you?