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NFL power rankings, Week 8: Back to Earth

The NFL power rankings are out, and they do not look favorably upon the St. Louis Rams.


The St. Louis Rams have lost twice in a row, a narrow one on the road in Miami the week before a home loss to the Packers in Week 7. Needless to say, two losses are not a good way for a team to keep itself in the top 20 spots of the weekly NFL power rankings ... because I'm sure Jeff Fisher is very concerned about how things shape up in the power rankings.

This week at SB Nation, the Rams land at No. 27, down two spots from No. 25.

27. St. Louis Rams (LW: 25, 3-4): Jeff Fisher has turned this team into something other than the same old Rams, but he still has a long, long way to go. Fans there are starting to wonder if they have the quarterback they need to complete the project.

Yes, yours truly made the power rankings for this week. No, I'm not trying to troll on Sam Bradford here. I do think that we need to be asking what role the quarterback has in the offensive struggles this team is still experiencing.

We know the receivers are not up to snuff. We know that the offensive line has been mediocre on its best days. There are plenty of other quarterbacks in the league experiencing the same thing. The best ones makes things happen in spite of those limitations. Bradford's week-to-week performances, his drive-to-drive performances really, are all over the board.

Of course, the quarterback was hardly the only problem this week. The secondary, the mighty secondary, struggled against the Packers ... as most teams do when Aaron Rodgers is on his game.