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NFL Trade Deadline: Will teams come calling for Rams RB Steven Jackson?

The St. Louis Rams are reportedly willing to trade running back Steven Jackson. Will any teams be interested in dealing for the veteran?

Doug Pensinger

The idea of the St. Louis Rams trading away Steven Jackson once seemed absurd. Not anymore. The rumor mill started cranking again over the weekend with a report that the Rams were interested in moving veterans for draft picks, specifically Jackson, who could be replaced with the combination of Daryl Richardson and the others.

The best case scenario for the Rams would be dealing Jackson for a fourth-round pick. It might have to be a fifth-round pick, given the reality of the NFL trade deadline, which is now a week away. I'd be willing to make a bet that no deal happens, and the Rams simply wind down the Steven Jackson era with the unceremonious spring release, free agency's gift to football's faithful.

Just in case, there are a few teams that could use some help in the way of a part-time running back who can still power his way through holes between the tackles.

Miami Dolphins - Have been mentioned in Dwayne Bowe rumors, and could really use a complement to Reggie Bush. It's unlikely given where they are as a team, but things are so tightly packed in the AFC anyone can claim a wildcard spot.

New York Jets - The Jets are an unlikely candidate. They do have injury concerns, and Shonn Greene is a player in need of a time share.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Unlikely as well, but the injuries to that position have been epidemic. Staying home during the playoffs will not sit well with fans there.

Cincinnati Bengals - They miss Cedric Benson, lacking a legitimate running threat to their offense. The Law Firm simply isn't a full-time running back.

Indianapolis Colts - I was surprised when they traded for Vontae Davis, so maybe they do see their chance. They probably shouldn't.

Green Bay Packers - The Pack isn't going to have Benson back until Week 14. In the meantime, the NFC North is a much more competitive place than they're used to.

Detroit Lions - Kevin Smith's career is over, for all intents and purposes. They have Mikel Leshoure who is a bit of a wildcard. A back like Jackson could really add to the mix there.

There are probably some surprise teams that could emerge in the rumor mill. Trading in the NFL is an iffy proposition, and Steven Jackson plays at a position that just isn't valued like it used to be. Teams are going to be very reluctant to give up a fourth-round pick for a 29-year old running back.