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Rams Vs. Packers: Silver Linings

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Even in the worst losses, there is something to positive to take away from the game. Let's look at the positive takeaways from this one.

Doug Pensinger

The St. Louis Rams lost their second game in two weeks, falling to the Green Bay Packers 30-20. This was a tough loss for the Rams. The Packers had too much talent and a future hall of fame quarterback that proved to be too much for this young team.

It was a tough game to watch. The Rams defense, like a lot of the Rams fans, decided not to show up, and although the Rams generated more than 300 total yards of offense, it just wasn't enough to match the Packers.

Even though the Rams lost this game, there are still some things to cheer about.

The Rams defensive line had a good day

Led by rookie defensive tackle Michael Brockers who had 4 tackles and one sack, the defensive line had a good performance. They held the packers to less than 70 yards on 24 carries, and William Hayes and Robert Quinn both had a sack. The defensive line was the best unit on defense, as they brought pressure and made Aaron Rodgers scramble to buy time to complete passes. The pressure faded after halftime, but Rodgers threw more short passes and moved in the pocket to slow down the aggressiveness. With more help from the secondary, the defensive line could have been better.

The Rams offense can move the ball

Just like last week, the Rams gained more than 350 yards, and scored 20 points. One of the touchdowns was a garbage time score, but that doesn't matter. The Rams are showing that they can move the ball without Danny Amendola, Scott Wells and Rodger Saffold which is no small thing. The offense should look different when those three come back after the bye week. Oh, and Chris Given's has been a Godsend for the Rams. When Danny Amendola comes back, the Rams offense should resemble an NFL offense.

These coaches can make something out of nothing

There have been examples thoughout the season, but this week, the Rams started two new players on the offensive line. Joe Barksdale and Shelley Smith both started on the left side of the line today, though the Packers only sacked Sam Bradford three times. Although tight ends had to help, these two players held their own. Right now, the Rams are starting four players on the line who weren't even on the team next year, and only two of those players are playing in the position that they started this season.

Even though the Rams lost, they showed something positive, is their anything you took positive out of this game? Leave comments below?