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Jeff Fisher is pretty much Ron Swanson

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher reminds us of someone else with a mustache.

Jeff Fisher is a wise, wise man. He knows the game of football very well. His teams are impeccably prepared each week. There's no telling what kind of advantage his prep gives the St. Louis Rams each week. The league has him on the competition committee. The man knows football, but he also knows life.

When he explains something to a ref, that ref should listen.



He's actually trying to explain the quarterback's pre-snap movement, something that should be illegal. But not everyone has his graduate level understanding of the league's rules, even the most arcane of them. That's why he's Jeff Fisher and you are not, Mr. Referee.

Does Fisher ever remind you of someone else? Like maybe some experienced uber mensch who manages a certain city government department in a certain fictional city somewhere in the anonymous Midwest?



So, yeah, Jeff Fisher and Ron Swanson are pretty much the same.