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Packers vs. Rams: Second Half Game Thread

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The Rams are trailing the Packers 6-10 at halftime with a bend but don't break philosophy that is keeping them in the game, though the question of how long the Rams can survive without capitalizing on more drives looms large for the final 30 minutes.

Doug Pensinger

Well, this is kind of how it needs to go.

It's a difficult, and risky, strategy to try and beat Aaron Rodgers. Instead, the Rams have allowed him to take middling options for limited gain. Outside of a 52-yard pass to Jordy Nelson, Rodgers has dinked and dunked his way to 113 of passing yardage to limited effect. The Rams have shut down the run well and limited Green Bay to a 2 of 5 third down conversion clip.

As we've said all year, the defense is doing what they need to. But as we've said all year, this offense has to do more.

Sure, it's better than last year without Amendola, as this year's offense seems to be able to move the sticks with more consistency. Sam's 10 of 15 with nearly 100 yards and the ground game looking very impressive as Steven Jackson and Daryl Richardson have combined for 78 yards on just 14 rushes. And yet, all that's come of the offense's good work is six points.

It's just not going to cut it. We can send blame to nearly everyone involved, but it's kind of irrelevant. The bottom line is that the Rams have to make more out of these opportunities when the defense is gifting them a statement game like this one.

The Rams have 30 minutes to do just that.