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Rams trade rumors: Is Steven Jackson ticketed out of St. Louis?

The St. Louis Rams are reportedly willing to do some dealing at the trade deadline.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The St. Louis Rams are involved in some trade rumors, though it's not the Dwayne Bowe or any of the other high profile player names wanting out in other cities. The Rams, according to Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network, are willing to deal players in order to acquire more draft picks.

Trade rumors are always a little surprising, and at 3-3, the Rams could make the case for going either way at the trade deadline, choosing to stockpile picks or land a player that could push them into contention. With a pair of first-round picks, the Rams could have almost any player they want, any player that is actually available. Their second-round pick could be flipped for help, banking on a trade down with one of their others.

Then again, why not just load up for the future? And that sounds like what Jeff Fisher and Les Snead are thinking. And it's a smart move. That leaves the question which players would they be most willing to move?

Steven Jackson is the most obvious name on that list. He's a veteran running back and the team has an out in his deal after this year. Jackson is not coming back to the Rams in 2013, but they aren't going to get much in the way of draft picks for a 29-year old running back. He could still be attractive for teams needing help, like these Green Bay Packers.

There really aren't too many more trade chips on the roster, not major ones anyway. Prior to the start of the season there was talk about trading one of the cornerbacks. Bradley Fletcher, who is a free agent after this season, was mentioned specifically. Fisher's ability to compete this season depends heavily on his secondary, so trading Fletcher for a fifth-round pick would hurt that.