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NFL Week 7 picks: Team TST picks brought to you by Joe Stanfill!

Week 7 picks are in! How many took the Rams?

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We are nearly to the halfway point of the season, and this competition is still tight. A few good weeks in a row by Team TST has brought them right back to the pack. And this week, Team TST has an author doing picks for them.

Joe Stanfill is our picks maven this week. I almost don't want to go against him, since he's a military man. Here's some info about Joe from the man himself.

TST Username: Joe Stanfill (Formerly papapegasus). The name came from my position in my unit in the Army, coupled with the fact that we were in an airborne unit. Platoon daddy is what the platoon sergeants were often referred to, hence papa, and Pegasus for the airborne part.

Real Name: Joseph Stanfill

Unrelated note that may or may not count as a bragging right: I can do 75 pushups in a minute, best in my unit.

Favorite Football Food: My wife's guacamole. Nothing better than that, all freshly made with habanero peppers.

Favorite Personal Sports Story: Click Here:

He may not be trying to brag, but I'm still impressed. Is everyone aware that 75 pushups in a minute is more than one a second. Goodness gracious. Hopefully, he is less impressive with his picks than he is with his physical fitness.

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3k: Giants. The Redskins are giving up more passing yards per game than any team in the NFL. The Giants could be first in team passing yards per game if they had gone with the pass against the Niners...instead of playing smart and whomping San Fran 26-3. The only problem? It's the Giants. They're 0-2 against fellow NFC East members, 4-0 against everyone else. Sometimes you just have to ride the Eli Rollercoaster like the performance against Tampa: 31/51, 510 yards, 3 TDs, 3 INTs. Ride it, bro.

DCRamFan: Giants. The Redskins have had the Giants number as of late, having swept the 2011 series against the Super Bowl Champs. That stat is fresh in all of our minds, including Mike Shanahan's who sounded overly comfortable when discussing Sundays matchup. What no one mentions is how NY owned the Skins dating back to 2008 before that (winning 6 straight). It's back to reality in 2012. The NYG are still the best team in the NFC...possibly the NFL. Giants win

Douglas M: New York Giants. The Giants are too much for RGIII and Co. in New York City. Eli should, I repeat "should" have a field day against a weak Redskins' secondary. The Giants' front four will be hitting RGIII hard all day too. Giants win this one with relative ease.

Mike Dietrich: Washingtons. Here is a huge letdown for the giants coming back across country, RG3 shows them something they have never seen and wins by 1 TD

Rick Siegel: Giants. I love Washington here and think they have a very good chance of winning this game, but I feel like Eli is different this year. He looks better than he has ever looked. Other than Matt Ryan, he is the mvp through 6 games. I think he'll get it done in the end.

Joe Stanfill: Giants. This is RGIII vs Manning. Manning gets the better of the rookie, and RGIII throws more pics than touchdowns in this slug fest in Jersey.

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3k: Houston. No Ray Lewis, no Lardarius Webb? No Ravens. Look, of Baltimore's six games, five have been one possession games. A one-point loss to the Eagles, a one-point win over the Pats, a win over the Browns by a TD, a 9-6 win over the Chiefs, and a two-point win over Dallas. I think I think Baltimore's a mediocre team. With those two injuries, I'm pretty sure of it. Houston's only had two close games all year - road wins over the Jets and the Broncos. I'm not a bettor, but if I was, this might be my betting lock of the week.

DCRamFan: Houston. For me, it's sad to see, but the once great Baltimore D is slowly falling apart. Against one of the most potent offenses in the NFL, not having your two best LB's, losing Webb, and having a banged up Ed Reed spell opportunity for the Texans, who look to rebound from an embarrassing prime time loss on Nat'l TV. Houston rallies in this one, as Baltimore tries to keep up. It might not even be close

Douglas M: Houston. I just don't see Houston losing two home games in a row. The ravens are banged up on defense, and Flacco is too much of a coin flip each week. Look for the Texans to pound the ball on the ground, and Andre Johnson to have his best day of the 2012 season catching the ball. Houston wins.

Mike Dietrich: Houston. Houston will get back on track at home with the Ravens adjusting on the defensive end with the new injuries. Texans win by 10

Rick Siegel: Ravens. I know they are dealing with a lot of injuries, and Joe Flacco is no Aaron Rodgers. But I feel like Green Bay may have exposed this Texans team as not being particularly good when they can't get out ahead of people. Look for the Ravens to come out firing on all cylinders and win this one by 10+.

Joe Standfill: Ravens. The Ravens continue their dominant play, fueled by one of the more underrated QBs in Joe Flacco. Ray Rice carves up a relatively stout defense.

Det_medium @

3k: Chicago. This should be fun Monday night action. Nearly a pick 'em for me, so I'll take the home team.

DCRamFan: Chicago. I'm not sure what has happened to the Detroit Lions, but it's about to happen to them again. The Lions have the 2nd best overall offense [statistically] in the NFL, and the 9th best defense. How that doesn't equal a winning record perplexes me. And yet for some reason, I don't think that changes this weekend. Chicago's got a stout D, and they know that DET is going to be passing. If they decide to run it, they'll be running into the NFL's #1 rush D. Da Bears!

Douglas M: Detroit. I've never liked Chicago coming out of a Bye-week. They usually stumble a bit on defense as they shake off the vacation rust. This is a must win game for the Lions, and I think Calvin Johnson finally finds the end zone. Detroit might as well pack it in for a chance at postseason if they don't win this game, and do it in a big way to have momentum going forward.

Mike Dietrich: Bears. Chicago had a week off to prepare while Lions went to overtime, Stafford is not half the QB he was last year, Bears defense crushes them by 2 TD's

Rick Siegel: Detroit. I know the Bears are getting a lot of hype as possibly the best team in the league, but they have no one who can stop Megatron. I think he'll have his first huge game of the season, and the Lions will get a big win to keep themselves in the thick of the playoff race.

Joe Stanfill: Bears. The NFC North matchups are oh so fun to watch. Put this game on Monday Night Football and OH MY GOD THIS GAME IS GONNA ROCK! Snot bubbles and busted chin straps are a hallmark of these rivalries. Look for a close game with the Bears defense pulling out the win.

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