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St. Louis Rams Fantasy Football Hot Sheet

What the heck is going on? At the beginning of the Fantasy Football season, the very thought of having a Rams player on your team other than Steven Jackson would have had you family and friends screaming for you to be committed to an asylum. Not so this Week 7 of the 2012 NFL year. Though the recent drops of the Rams defenses is curious... have a look:

Dilip Vishwanat

The following is based on Yahoo Fantasy Football's Add/Drop stats. It's interesting stuff to track.

By an almost 4 to 1 margin, team owners are dumping the Rams defense faster than Zynga stock. The firing of the Eagles Juan Castillo as defense coordinator has fantasy owner saying: "Yes they can!" to the Philly defense. The Miami defense lost a bit of luster when the Rams offense completely shredded them for over 400 yards in offense in week 6. Team owners are shedding the Dolphins' defense in a big way.

All charts and stats courtesy of Yahoo Sports. Go Here for all your Fantasy team needs.

Player Trends

Next up, take a look at rookie running back Daryl Richardson's numbers. He's attracting loads of attention the more carries he stacks up each week. Jackie Battle's brief stay in the FF love boat appears over, and team owners are tossing him out the window. Andre Brown is gettin' some love, but his worth depends too much on a certain Mr. Bradshaw's foot. I'm still trying to understand what's happened to Detroit's Kevin Smith. He can't buy time on the field for a team suffering at the running back position.

Player Trends

Here's where things get interesting folks. The Rams' Danny Amendola is injured, and while he may be back in another month or so, he's still being added to teams. He's being dropped too, but let's be those "glass is half full of Vodka" people for a while, all right? Josh Gordon looks like the Ogletree flavor of the week, and he's been burning up the field for Cleveland the last three weeks. This is where there should be a drum roll, because Brandon Gibson is on a hot tear in the "Add" column this week. Gibson being added to Fantasy teams, really?

Player Trends

Make sure to get your Fantasy Line-ups set before kick off, and to all those slimmy folks in TST leagues 1, 2, 16, and 21... You guys are goin' down this week!