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Random Ramsdom, 10/2: Your Daily Dose of Vitamin L

You know what? Tim Tebow is a winner. I want you all to hear it from me first so you know who started it.

Scott Kane-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

If anyone missed Monday Night Football again, you missed a treat. It's always difficult to root against NFC East teams, as my heritage from the West Coast would obviously never include location based bias in sports coverage. However, it still brings a twinkle to my eye when I see Jerry Jones attempt to frown from underneath that botox-infused-wrinkle-box he calls a face. Ah...justice.

Oh, yes. That's right. You didn't come hear to read about the Cowboys, and I certainly don't blame you for slamming your fist down on your desk after being force-fed a disgusting image of Jerry Jones. So, about those links...

Brockers Practices on Monday - Seriously! It's about time the Rams get some good injury news. Even though the Rams had considerable problems against Marshawn Lynch on Sunday, it's going to be a huge benefit if Brockers can play in just two days time. With one practice under his belt already this week, that shouldn't be a problem.

I Still Lack Functional Knowledge of the 'QBR' - Sando took a look at the NFC West QB situation in Week 4. What did the article tell us? That even if you have the best QB Rating in the division, you're still good for only 3rd place in QBR rankings. That makes sense, as football statistics have absolutely nothing to do with numbers. Nothing at all.

Bernie Has Four Bytes, Just For You! - Bernie Miklasz took another glance at Sunday's game and talked about some of the key points of the game. It's about the Rams. Read it. (It actually has some great quarter-by-quarter insight, so it really is your loss if you don't).

Yes, Pete Carroll is Going There - Guess who tried to take a timeout right before the fake field goal that led to the Rams only touchdown? That's right, Pete Carroll! Of course, the nosy, non-replacement refs did not see it, and Ipso facto, the refs cost the Seahawks the game. Go figure...

So, uh, there you have it. Go out there and salivate that the Rams might be only two days away from having a winning record, not to mention two huge division wins. The Cardinals can't stay undefeated the whole season now...can they?