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Rams vs. Cardinals five players to watch on Thursday Night Football

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Which players will be the key for the St. Louis Rams on Thursday?

Scott Kane-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Ladies and Gents – most likely gents only, its a sausage-fest here :( – we got ourselves a short week this time around. The St. Louis Rams are hosting the surprising 4-0 Arizona Cardinals on Thursday for the NFL's Thursday Night Football.

Winning a tough game against a division rival – the Seattle Seahawks – last week surely felt great, but that is soooo last week. The Rams have another tough division rival this week.

Five Rams players to keep your eyes on versus the Cards:

LG Quinn Ojinnaka

Now these sort of things are usually reserved for non starters, but for Moose, we'll make an exception. Dude gets mauled a lot! It was especially noticeable on passing downs. Matter of fact, on one play, I remember clearly seeing Ojinnaka being forced to take a seat – dude got knocked down on his ass.

The team's chances of winning rely heavily on the protection of Sam Bradford. I know the offensive line isn't exactly what we want, but Ojinnaka is clearly a weak point. C'mon man, lets get it together.

WR Chris Givens

Givens got a pretty heavy workload last week (check Van Bibber's snap count here). Look for that to continue. He brings a speed element that this offense needs. He snagged a 52-yarder last Sunday, and was targeted on another long ball that was just a tad bit out of his reach. It be pretty freakin' cool to see Bradford throw a bomb his way for a touchdown.

DT Matt Conrath

Eugene Sims was a no-go on Monday with a mild concussion. Sims had a sack last week. Potentially filling in the gap left by Sims is Conrath. He too has been out with a knee injury, but has participated in practice on a limited basis for the past few days. He was a pre-season standout that head coach Jeff Fisher fell in love with. We'll see if he can make his season debut.

WR Brian Quick

The once esteemed second-rounder saw his playing time increase dramatically in the matter of two weeks (he was inactive Week 3, only to see 14 snaps in Week 4). Quick caught his lone pass in the red zone last week, for obvious reasons – the cat is 6'3-6'4, 220 pounds. He can use his size advantage there. Arizona has a pretty physical corner in Patrick Peterson. It would be interesting to see if the Rams employ their big target in the red zone again this week.

WR Austin Pettis

Pettis was not on the field for too long against Seattle but when he saw action come his way, he made sure it counted. He was thrown to two times for two catches, with the longest catch being a 17-yarder. Danny Amendola, Brandon Gibson, Givens, and Quick saw the field more than Pettis, but he essentially took out Steve Smith out of the equation last week. I wonder why???.........