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Turf Show Radio Question Thread

You'll still be able to ask questions and chat in the TalkShoe guest queue thread as always, but... If you want to listen to the show, but ask your questions here at TST, then this is the place you need to be.

Dilip Vishwanat

To hear the show, simply go here. You'll be able to listen in, and chat here at TST during the show. Ryan and Joe will be watching the thread for your questions. If you'd like to call into the show, follow the instructions here.

The show starts at 9pm Eastern Time, 8pm Central Time, 7pm Mountain or "Doug" Time, and 6pm Pacific Time

The show tonight is in the old Podcast format. We'll be transitioning the show to the new Google Plus format soon. So dust off those webcams if you want to be both seen and heard.