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Packers DT B.J. Raji Ruled Out for Sunday

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Green Bay NT B.J. Raji will miss his second consecutive game as he sits out Sunday's contest against the Rams.

Andy Lyons

Good news in the bad way, Rams fans: Green Bay's defensive lineman B.J. Raji is officially ruled out for Sunday's game.

The fourth-year nose tackle is still feeling the effects of a lingering ankle injury he sustained two weeks ago against the Colts.

This news comes as a sort of relief for Rams fans. Without Raji, a vital clog in the Packers run defense, Green Bay's 17th-ranked run defense in yards allowed per game could face a tough challenge against St. Louis' version of thunder and lighting in Steven Jackson and Daryl Richardson.

St. Louis found a rebirth in the run game last week at Miami, rushing for 162 yards. Rookie Richardson had 76 yards on 11 carries, while the veteran workhorse Jackson had 52 yards on 12 carries.

Also out for the Packers on the defensive side of the ball are rookie Linebacker Nick Perry and third year corner Sam Shields. Greg Jennings, the All-Pro wide receiver, will also miss the game with a groin injury.