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Random Ramsdom for Friday 10/19/2012: The Pack are Attacking but the Rams are Back and not Lying Down for Anyone!

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I did have a nice long Random Ramsdom penned for you, but thanks to the sophisticated system that is Blogger, and my apparent lack of mastery of said interface, I will put forth the "old college try" effort to entertain and inform. Enjoy!

Dilip Vishwanat


Good Friday Rams Nation. It has been an oh-so-crazy few week or so here at the Stanfill castle, and outside the walls I have observed quite a bit of intrigue occurring. First, we have had folks talking about Dwayne Bowe wanting out of Kansas City. Did anyone else even know that Missouri had another professional football team? I kid. I absolutely love the Governor's Cup, and would never miss a chance to cheer for the team that hired Joe Montana and let Tony Gonzalez walk to Atlanta. Again, I kid. But who would ever really cheer against the lowly Chiefs?

Secondly, the World Champion "Wild Cards" are getting their playoffs on against the San Francisco Giants across town. I know DC was cheering for Jayson Werth and the Nationals to be facing the 2010 World Series Champions this week, but we can't have it all. Enough about baseball. It's all over your TV, you don't need it all over your favorite sports blog.

Third, some dude came over this week and tried to fill in my moat. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Packers to Throw It - The Packers figure to test the Rams early and often this Sunday through the air. Goodness knows they cannot run the ball well. Through six games the Pack have gained 575 yards on the ground. That's not one or two running backs, that is the whole team, Aaron Rodgers included. Rodgers has tossed 16 touchdowns so far, with six coming off the win last week. Regardless, the Packers haven't been a balanced team in a long while. It seems to work for them though, as they are perennial playoff favorites. The Rams boast the NFL's 5th ranked pass defense, so the day will not be easy for Rodgers and company.

Stats Lab - Just for fun, head on over to the Stats Lab at This handy tool can be fun to use, but depressing at the same time. The link above is Sam vs Aaron Rodgers. Click on this one with Sam vs Blaine Gabbert. I played with this thing for way too long. Have fun.

Simulated Forecast - Not that I ever put much stock into computer simulations, but it would be interesting to see where this one comes out versus the processing power of modern computer servers. Not looking good for the Rams according to this, but then again, we are used to the underdog role no?

Steve Hits it on the Head - Normally I disagree with Steve Wyche. Not just because I think he needs a new haircut, but because he always seems to dismiss the Rams. Here he sums up the reality of the situation in St. Louis in five short sentences.

Long and Quinn's Sack Lunch Has Sharpe's Number - One of the punditry's most outspoken critics was spouting off about Aaron Rodgers and his perceived cockiness and finger pointing. It's not a secret, the Packers are having an "off" year by NFC North standards, but many were starting to question the "who" and "why" of it all until this past week when Rodgers threw six TDs. Sharpe came out swinging, but Rodgers swung back at the purple coat wearing pundit. Watch out guys, this guy has a tude!

Knees into the San Diego Breeze - If former Ram Danario Alexander is to be believed, he just signed with the San Diego Chargers early last night. Let's wish the former Ram and Tiger well. Here's hoping the man's knees don't fail him again. We wish him the best.


Binders Full of Women - Not what you think. Get your mind out of the gutter!

HowToBeADad - This website rocks if you are a father. If you aren't, stop by and learn something young one!

The Walking Dead Cure for Autism - Seriously? Zombies curing autism is right up there with politicians balancing the budget.

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Thanks for the read, and GO RAMS!