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Can The Rams Offense Keep Up With The Packers?

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The St. Louis Rams have rode their defense all season. It makes sense. If you have a top 10 defense, you might as well use it. Against the Packers, the Rams will be playing the best offensive team that they have faced all season. The question isn't how many yards will the Rams get, but rather - Can the Rams hang with the Packers offense?

Sam Greenwood

The Green Bay Packers are coming off an old school butt whooping that they gave the Houston Texans. It ended 45-24, but the game wasn't as close as the score showed.

The Packers' franchise quarterback Aaron Rodgers tied the touchdown record in a single game against the 3rd ranked defense. What Rodgers did against the Texans doesn't mean he will have a great game against the Rams, but it means that the Rams offense will have to score. That might not be an easy task since the Rams have struggled to make it into the end zone this season. Last week the Rams scored a touchdown, mainly because of bendable Bradford.

Bradford might have to bring out all his flexibility skills to the party against the Packers defense, because they played inspired against the Texans offense. The Packers defense forced Matt Schaub to throw two picks - sacking him 3 times - and only throwing 255 yards. Andre Johnson was also clamped down. The Packers limited Johnson to 8 receptions for 75 yards. We know about A.J. Hawk and Clay Matthews, but former 2nd round pick cornerback Casey Hayward, from Vanderbilt, intercepted the ball twice against the Texans.

The Packers not only stopped the Texans' aerial attack, they also stopped the ground game. The NFL's best rusher Arian Foster only gained 29 yards against them. The Rams rushing duo of Daryl Richardson and Steven Jackson ran for more than 100 yards against the #1 rushing defense in the NFL, so something may have to happen in the running game for St. Louis to prevail.

The Rams did move the ball against the Dolphins who have a better defense than the Packers. Greg Zuerlein is usually the X-factor when it comes to scoring points, but his missed field goals helped lose the game. The Rams couldn't score 17 points to tie the Dolphins, and if this game goes past 21 points, will the Rams be able to score enough to win? The Rams defense will do their part, but if the Packers defense that showed up against the Texans comes to play, what then?

Sam Bradford and his offense will be able to move the ball against the Packers, but how many trips into the end zone will it take to win?