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Dwayne Bowe trade rumors: What's really going on here?

Trade rumors centered around Dwayne Bowe are heating up, but is this just part of the bargaining for a new contract in Kansas City?

Doug Pensinger

The Dwayne Bowe trade rumors are not going away. However, rumors of a pending deal to move the disgruntled Chiefs receiver are not exactly burning up the wires with less than two weeks to go until the NFL trade deadline. There's a reason for that.

Bowe wants to get paid; he wants a long-term deal on par with what other top receivers in the NFL make. Right now, all he has the franchise tag and the looming possibility of getting tagged again next season. With the trade deadline approaching, it's a good time to put out some rumblings about being unhappy.

What actually happens remains to be seen. The Chiefs are an organization in trouble. A 1-5 record is not exactly what the brass there had in mind when the season started. There is most likely changes coming to the front office there. Scott Pioli is not getting a contract extension, despite confused reports otherwise, and Romeo Crennel is on the hot seat.

Pioli could trade Bowe in a last ditch effort to save his bacon, a move Rams fans will be familiar with following Billy Devaney's move last season to acquire Brandon Lloyd. An extra draft pick, say a second-rounder, would be helpful too.

The Dolphins are not in talks with the Chiefs to deal for Bowe, according to the Palm Beach Post. It doesn't really make sense for the Dolphins to be giving away draft picks either.

The Bowe saga is only going to get more and more exposure in the days ahead. Anything could happen.