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Power rankings summary, Week 7: Missed Takes & Mistakes

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The Rams slid back to a .500 winning percentage after a 14-17 loss to the Miami Dolphins. How does the disappointing performance affect their standings in the major power rankings?

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Well, it's behind us now. A disappointing loss in Miami was a crappy way to welcome this upcoming four-week stretch that includes Green Bay, New England and San Francisco.

So be it.

I for one am eager to see the defense over this stretch. I honestly believe it's strong enough to keep the Rams in any game. If the Rams can cut out the penalties and GZ can turn those field goals a bit to the right, I'm optimistic about this test.

In the interim, let's see what the national consensus is for this team six games in.

(NOTE: If you'd like me to add any other source, let me know in the comments.)

Average ranking (# of rankings) 19.18 (11)
Average change from last week -3.82
Highest ranking (source) 15th (National Football Post)
Lowest ranking (source) 25th (SB Nation)
Biggest positive change (source) 0 ( - Harrison)
Biggest negative change (source) -9 (Fox Sports)

SB Nation: 25th (20th last week)

Back to .500. The over .500 party can only last so long.

ESPN: 20th (18th)

The Rams are entering a tough stretch with games against the Packers, Patriots (in London) and 49ers. (Power Poll): 21st (18th) (Harrison): 12th (12th)

The St. Louis Rams produced a season-high 462 yards of offense, but didn't get a "W" to show for it. The game in Miami was there for the taking, much like the season-opening loss to Detroit. These two defeats could come back to haunt a team that seems destined to finish 8-8.

CBS Sports: 16th (14th)

They have to start getting more from the offense. The defense is doing a nice job. They just lack playmakers.

Yahoo! Sports: 20th (17th)

A couple of times this season the Rams have been the team finding a way to win. This week, despite outgaining the Dolphins 462-192, they found a way to lose. The 12 penalties certainly helped, as did an off day from Young GZ. And even though he only went 2 of 5 on the day, Greg Zuerlein was still worth the price of admission. The 66-yarder he attempted as time ran out had plenty of leg. Leg for days. I don't think I've ever seen a field-goal attempt hit that hard.

Pro Football Talk: 15th (9th)

It won’t be another six years before this team is back over .500.

Pro Football Weekly: 21st (18th)

Greg "The Leg" Zuerlein isn’t perfect, but 66-yarder had plenty of leg.

Fox Sports: 23rd (14th)

Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein had made all 13 attempts of his NFL career heading into Sunday. After making his first two kicks against the Dolphins, his final three misses ended up being the difference of the game.

National Football Post: 20th (15th)

The Rams need to find some offense—soon.

Sports Illustrated: 18th (14th)

If it was in St. Louis, with the Rams' dome-field environment, rather than a windy day in South Florida, I'm convinced rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein would have hit that 66-yard attempt to tie the game and shatter the NFL's field goal record by a whopping three yards. It's just a matter of time before that mark falls to Zuerlein's long-distance leg.