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The Second Review of Rams vs. Dolphins Game

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Here is my second look at the Rams game yesterday, with a review of each position

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Quarterback - Sam played pretty well, but as usual stalled in the red zone which I thought was a combination of bad play calling and Sam just being a tad too quick and not going through the progressions. Two spots were the short quick pass to Daryl Richardson when a Dolphin was all over him on 3rd down and a dump off to S Jax on 3rd later in game when Kendricks had a ton of space behind him. He did miss a very open Gibson for a TD. I just wish when he misses, he does not miss by 5 yards. Give the guy a chance to make a play like in that last drive with that spectacular one-handed catch. This was a solid game, and Sam made some nice plays especially with his feet. Hopefully, it's a step in right direction to getting more than one TD a game on offense.

Running back - I was happy with the increased use of Richardson; as time moves on, I would move to a 65/35 split with Jackson. D-Rich just creates excitement when he gets the ball and could be a major scoring threat. For me, I am tired of the Jackson jump step before hitting the hole; he is too slow for that now.

Wide Receiver - Gibson broke out in a huge way after an awful drop on the first drive. He could have had a TD early when he was open at the goalline and bailed out Bradford on that one-handed catch. Quick is playing so soft, but I have no idea how a guy that size does not get in end zone. He didn't read the defense right on last drive either. Givens broke out as well; I would hope his targets continue to increase since he is the only other big play guy who plays all out. There wasn't much from Steve Smith or Austin Pettis.

Tight End - Nice game from Kendricks and Mulligan; both blocked and caught the ball well.

Offensive Line - The run blocking was solid, and the pass blocking was not too bad either other than two major breakdowns by Hunter, one of which was on the last drive right before the FG. They just seem to not communicate well on blitzes at times.

Defensive Line - Only two sacks, but played the run as well as they have all year. They got enough pressure on Tannehill other than the one long drive. The one sack/fumble could have been the play of the day if the bounce went the Rams way.

Linebackers - Really the same as the DL; they filled the gaps nicely and other than a few missed tackles on the long TD drive they stepped up nicely.

Corner Backs - A tale of different players. Finnegan erased Hartline, which was exceptional. Jenkins fell asleep, and really gave away six points. I do not think they get a TD there without that breakdown. Fletcher was solid other than a shaky PI call.

Safety - They filled in very well in the run game, but I wish someone was there to cover Jenkins' huge mistake.

Kickers - Hekker was solid again, but Legatron cannot miss a 37-yard kick, especially when they're lined up in the middle of the field. The other two misses will happen at those distances.

Return Game - Just awful on both ends, from Givens running sideways to the Miller fumble and Jenkins not looking confident or sure of what to do. The Rams should take a look at free agents to get a solid filler for both spots with one player.

Overall, it is amazing that they ended up losing with really only two bad series on defense. But in today's NFL you have to score touchdowns and not attempt five field goals a game. This is on everyone on the offense led by Sam Bradford who played well, but not well enough.