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Week 6 picks! This week's Team TST picks brought to you by none other than...the new Mrs. Siegel!

Which NFL teams will win this week?

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We are back with the picks for week 6. We have a very special guest this week for Team TST, none other than the new Mrs. Siegel. She has been watching Rams games with me for the last few years (I know, bad time to start her watching), but she has grown to love it. I'll let you tell her a bit about herself in her own words.

Your TST Username melforthewin

Your real name (however much of it you are comfortable with, if at all) - Mrs. Melissa Siegel

Where you are from - St. Louis originally, but have been living in Las Vegas for the past 4 years

Your favorite team if it's not the Rams - Please...

How long you've been an NFL fan - 3 years

Your favorite football food - I love to cook, and make little appetizers and snacks for the games. My favorite thing to make are different kinds of dip!

Your favorite personal sports story (participating, spectator, television, whatever) - "Well, Sundays are a big deal here in the Siegel household. We all have our Rams Jerseys, and that includes our 2 dogs. The dogs MUST be in their jerseys by Rams kick-off, and at kick-off, they get their little Rams football to play with, and they only get to play with that ball on Sundays. Our girl dog, Bellatrix, hates it. She refuses to run around or even move at all and just sits still with her ears back and her head down... Usually at half-time we feel sorry enough to take the jersey off of her... And then, on the cat it goes... If any of you know anything about cats, you probably know how that goes, but he is a pretty good sport about it!"

Isn't she wonderful? Can't you see why I decided to take the slow march towards death called marriage?

Alright, enough of that, on to this week's picks!

Stl_medium @ Mia_medium

3K: Rams. It's a weird contest. Miami's built to run and stop the run. The Rams are built to stop the pass and...well, we can stop the pass. Something has to give. Either the Dolphins run the ball 55 times and pass it a dozen, or they open up the pass and the Rams take advantage either through unforeseen offensive capabilities or a combo of Young GZ and Johnny Hekker.

DCRamFan: A road win for the Rams is inevitable, and this is going to be their best chance to obtain that win until week 15 against the Bucs. Without Amendola, someone steps up big in the receiving game,and takes advantage of a weak Dolphins secondary. Like most Rams wins, it's a result of an overpowering defensive showing. Look for a couple of picks, and several more sacks. Road Rams!

Douglas M: Away games... The Rams haven't shown they can win outside of the Edward Jones Dome. This week against Miami, they'll travel to Joe Robbie Stadium - a house filled (sort of) with Dolphins fans who have a great deal in common with Rams fans. Both teams are trying to breakout, while tucking away past seasons disappointments. The St. Louis Rams face their 6th straight Top 10 defense this week (Yes, before injuries sapped them the Redskins were top 10). The Rams offensive line has two great outings under their belts against AZ and Seattle. The Dolphins have the #1 ranked defense in the NFL against the run, so Schotty's "ground and pound" preseason promises will remain unfulfilled If Steven Jackson and Daryl Richardson can eclipse the 100 yard mark collectively, the Rams will win this game. It'll mean greater time of possession too, resting the Rams defense for late in the game. How the Rams deal with Reggie Bush and Co. will decide Miami's fate. Being the homer that I am, I'll take the Rams in this low scoring match up.

Mike Dietrich: This is a bad matchup for the Rams, the Dolphins are a top 5 rushing team and are top 3 against the rush, and also on the road on grass, I expect a letdown and Dolphins to win by 10

Rick Siegel: Much like I thought Detroit was better than the Rams, but the Rams were a really bad matchup for the Lions, I feel the same about this game. The Rams are the better team, but Miami is just a bad matchup for the Rams. The Rams run defense is improved, but still struggle with shifty backs like Reggie Bush, and the Dolphins defense is just way too good against the run. The Rams have lost their ONLY passing weapon, and Cameron Wake has been an absolute terror this year. This game has "2010 Lions game" written all over it: Rams fans are getting excited, think they have a good shot at a road win, only to get blownout. Phins win by 17+.

Melissa Siegel: Rams, because they are awesome! They have been playing really well this season, and now that the real refs are back, I don't see any reason for them to lose this week. Although their away record is not very good, they have had the last 2 games at home to build up their confidence and a huge victory against the Cardinals, who were 4-0 before playing the Rams. They've got this.

Nyg_medium @ Sfx_medium

3K: Niners. Impossible to gauge. Either the Niners' defense embarrasses New York in the afternoon or Eli goes off. I have no clue. You have no clue. This is Eli's world, and we're just living in it.

DCRamFan: I think the Giants have proven, over the past several years, that you can't count them out. In a rematch of last years NFC Championship game, though, I think the 49ers exact their revenge. The Giants will keep this one close, but I'll give the edge to the 49ers, almost solely because of home-field advantage. Alex Smith is also playing well enough to not make me bet against them.

Douglas M: The Giants have injury woes at wide receiver, offensive line and defensive back. Their vaunted defensive front four has been all that dominant so far this season. The 49ers are riding high on both defense, and offense. That's right the 49ers are actually scoring points. The defense for the 49ers is simply the best in football, and they'll be playing at home. I don't see Eli Manning having a very good day at all, and this could be a decent week to take a flyer on Mario Manningham in fantasy football in his first game against his former team. This is going to be the game where New York fans begin questioning Giants head coach Tom Coughlin - like they do every year right around now. The 49ers win this one easily.

Mike Dietrich: The 49ers have all the momentum and publicity but this is a spot where the Giants usually shine, they have won over 65% on the road the past few years. I expect them to win by 3.

Rick Siegel: What a fantastic game. Game of the regular season so far, in my opinion. The 49ers have looked like one of the best regular season teams of the last five years since their surprising loss to the Vikings. The Giants have been so up and down, and their defense has been downright bad. But Tom Coughlin has played the "no one thinks we can win" card this week, and no one responds to that better than the Giants. I refuse to live in a world where Alex Smith beats Eli Manning and a "no one thinks we can win" Giants team. Give me New York.

Melissa Siegel: 49ers. They have been playing well this season, and they aren't going to lose a second consecutive game to the Giants. Their running game is too good, and the Giants are just too unhealthy. Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss should shine during this game as well since the Giants secondary has not been good this year.

Den_medium @ Sdc_medium

3K: Broncos. The Chargers have to have the easiest schedule in the NFL. Seriously, go look at it. They've only had one real test, and that was Atlanta. They got destroyed. And the Broncos, despite three losses, were in all three against Atlanta, Houston and New England. Those are respectable losses. Now go look at the Chargers' schedule again and embrace your rage.

DCRamFan: Over the past three weeks the Chargers are giving up 26 points per game, and teams with good quarterback play have found success against them. Peyton Manning and his Broncos rank 5th in the NFL in passing yardage, and the SD defense doesn't have enough support to stop the offensive play-makers (ranked 9th in the NFL in total offense) wearing orange and blue. It'll probably be a high-scoring event, but the Broncos snag the road win

Douglas M: San Diego, the team everyone hates to think they're going to win, because they've so often disappointed in the past. Home field advantage doesn't really exist for the Bolts', but the Denver Broncos aren't as good as many would think (see: power ranking). The Chargers have running back Ryan Mathews back after his injury and fumble scolding. Look for the Chargers to do all they can to lose, but they don't even do that right, and win this one in OT. San Diego wins!

Mike Dietrich: The Rivers led Chargers had a huge choke last week bit with Denver going coast to coast, I am looking for a letdown and a 7 pint Chargers win

Rick Siegel: The Broncos have (barely) lost to the 5-0 Falcons, the 5-0 Texans, and a pissed off Patriots team. I honestly think they may be the 5th best team in the league that has just played an absolute bear of an early season schedule. Give me the Broncos in an absolute cakewalk.

Melissa Siegel: San Diego. I'll take the Chargers because they won in week 2, lost in week 3, won in week 4, and lost in week 5, so they are due for another win this week, right? Oh Norv Turner...

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